Is Hive Answering My Questions?

It’s natural to have questions before buying anything. You want to know about the product, the reliability, and the company. When it comes to home automation, your questions deserve to be answered by knowledgeable leaders in the industry. At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa Bay, we encourage clients to ask questions. 

We provide you with an enhanced and secured lifestyle through integrated residential and commercial entertainment and security systems. To do that, Hive answers any questions you may have.

So how are we doing that? Below we’ve broken down the top five categories of questions and how Hive answers them. This includes

  • Cost
  • Problems
  • Comparisons
  • Best Of
  • Reviews

Several of these questions are answered in our blog found here. With so much useful information, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Hive Answers:


It's a complicated question with an easy answer. The cost of a smart home system is dependent on the client’s wants and needs. Each home is unique just like its owner. Someone who wants eight security cameras will pay more than someone with a simple four-camera system.

So how does Hive determine cost when there are so many factors? We break down those factors. 

In a previous blog, How Much Does A Smart Home Cost, we analyzed the factors that could directly impact your costs. These factors included your home size, the reliability of the product, DIY or professional installation, and the use of the latest technology. 

You'll find blogs on our website that provide average prices for common home automation products. Average Cost of Home Security Systems provides a hypothetical scenario. Here we break down how much an owner of a 2,000 square foot home could expect when budgeting for a home security system.

But products aren’t the only thing that will affect your cost. As addressed in our No Surprise Promise article, sometimes events like backordered items, and inaccessible areas can delay installation. This affects the time and materials cost of the project. Rest assured that Hive is well prepared for these hiccups. Hive values transparency and our No Surprise Promise guarantees you will always know about delays and issues. 


Home technology solutions (even well-designed systems) have their fair share of common issues. Don’t get blindsided by these hiccups. Let us help you understand common problems and how to fix them. Our Common Problems with Security Systems article discusses problems like product incompatibility, insufficient coverage, and false alarms. 

But what happens after my system is installed? That’s why Hive has developed Hive Care. We offer four levels of service plans, a first for our industry, that keep your system running smoothly long after we walk out the door. With features like 24/7 service and proactive monitoring, your system is always in good hands. Click the link to learn more about Hive Care today. 

Sometimes issues extend beyond the actual products. We’ve developed a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you understand every detail of your installation. 


When you start shopping for something new, you always check out brand comparisons. With new, fancier devices releasing each year, it’s difficult to keep track of which device is better. 

Installing devices day in and day out has given us an intimate experience using the latest technology. We’ve curated several comparisons between brands including Google vs AlexaThe Guide to Smart TVs, and more. 

We don’t stop at products. Deciding between wireless or wired devices? Is it better to use a single smart home app or several ones? Hive is here to help with every decision no matter the size. 

Best Of Lists

We know we’re not the only smart home company in Tampa Bay. Hive understands that you want to consider all your options before settling on an installer. 

We encourage researching providers after they have outlined their design and budget. Tampa Bay is lucky to have a few solid options for home technology installations, giving homeowners lots of choices.

We curated a list of the best home automation companies in Tampa. For the sake of neutrality, we've left Hive off the list, so you know our opinion is open and honest. 


You want someone reputable to handle your installation. Customers and companies benefit from reviews. These reviews inform you of the service you'll receive and tell us how to improve it. As of writing, Hive has a 4.9-star rating with 719 reviews on Google. 

We strive to deliver high-quality customer service to each person we interact with. Hive is constantly working to improve our customer service so we can earn a 5-star rating from each of our customers. 

Have More Questions?

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