The Perfect Guide to Smart TVs

Whether you’re preparing for this weekend’s Big Game or just exploring smart home entertainment options, knowing about smart TV’s is key. Before we go into what are the best smart TV’s on the market in 2021, it’s important to understand the big differences between a regular TV and a smart one. Today, a smart television is internet-connected and is capable of streaming as well as displaying terrestrial broadcasts such as this year’s Super Bowl (Go Bucs!).

What Can a Smart TV do?
Depending on the functionality of the TV you get, your options will range from being able to surf the web on your TV such as going on Google and Youtube to downloading awesome apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, and so much more One of the coolest parts about smart TV’s is that if you a already have a other smart home devices installed, you can sync your smart TV to them. For example, if you have a smart speaker, you can sync it with your TV and just say “Hey Google” or “Alexa” then make a command, and your smart TV will follow the directions.

Our Favorite Smart TV’s:

1. Sony X950H

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When it comes to new and amazing smart TV’s, you just can’t go wrong with Sony. The Sony X950H is an awesome 4K TV that flawlessly delivers a stunning HDR experience with peak brightness and really impressive coloring. There is so much more that this TV has to offer other than just being smart and allowing you to go onto your favorite apps. It has a full-array local dimming feature that enhances its already great contrast ratio further, making it a really good choice for dark-room viewing. Additionally, this TV has motion handling which means it has a fast-response time and an optional black frame insertion feature which even further creates clarity. This beast of a TV is certainly not cheap, but for great reason. When it comes to televisions this one is the best of the best and it comes in five different sizes including 49’, 55’, 65’, 75’, and 85’. When you view the price of this Sony in relation to the overall viewing experience, it suddenly seems like a no brainer!

2. Samsung QN65Q70RAFXZA 65-Inch QLED 4K

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This Samsung 65-inch QLED TV is an affordable yet extremely effective choice. This TV has great compatibility with the SmartThings ecosystem which means it seamlessly ties in with your connected smart home. OneRemote allows you very user-friendly control and Samsung’s virtual butler Bixby already comes with the TV. Also, like most other smart TV’s, you can easily connect your smart speaker such as Alexa and Google Assistant to your TV for an easy hands-free controlling experience. Our favorite part of this Samsung TV is its simple on-screen universal guide which makes finding what you’re looking for very quick and easy. As a result, we tend to suggest this TV for our clients who express that they feel uncomfy with new and complex technology. Fuelled by Quantom dots, Samsung TV’s like this one provide billions of shades of color. Blacks are pitch dark and whites are pristine. It’s auto-adjusting contrast leaves the screen sharp and beautiful visuals that are surprisingly cheap. It also includes ambient mode so you can leave your screen to display attractive landscape visuals rather than it just going dark.

3. SunBrite Weatherproof Outdoor 4k UHD LED

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When it comes to outdoor television installations, SunBrite is the way to go. As a result of covid-19 we’re finding that a lot more people are finding ways to avoid the virus while still enjoying themselves by moving their activities to the outdoors! With this TV you can enjoy watching the game with a BBQ or just relax and watch a movie while soaking in your hot tub. The Veranda Series is very ideal for shaded outdoor environments such as your back patio. Thanks to the direct LED backlight ong this TV, you will get crisp and bright pictures even on the sunniest of days. Also, the housing and components of the TV are very strongly weatherproofed so they are capable of withstanding hostile conditions. After all we do live in the hurricane state of the country, so you can never be too cautious! It also has a very generous media bay which gives you access to content from any media player or streaming device you desire. With all of it’s connections from HDMI to USB, you can watch whatever content you want when you want to from your smart garden. What’s not to love!?

When shopping for a smart TV it’s important to consider what’s important to you such as great qualities, coloring, brightness, connectivity to the smart home, and the location of the TV itself.

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