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Get to know the passionate minds behind Hive's groundbreaking innovations, as we introduce you to the diverse and dedicated team driving the future of home automation technology.
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Meet the team that makes your home automation all possible!

Just as every device keeps your home comfortable and your workplace flowing, our employees keep us moving. To ensure your every need is met, our technicians maintain top-tier certifications in their respective fields. Whether you’re in the process of selecting which home automation choice best suits your home or simply finding the perfect installation time and date, we’ll provide you with the personalized assistance you deserve to make your life easier. 
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Jeff Harris
Bee Keeper / Founder
Jeff Harris has been in the custom audio-video industry in Tampa, FL for the last 18 years. He created Hive when he saw the opportunity and growing need for smart home integration that provides custom solutions for safety, energy efficiency and entertainment.
Hive has assembled an industry-leading team of individuals whose common goal is very simple; a pleased client who becomes a brand ambassador. It is Hive’s goal and purpose to enhance its customers’ lifestyle through simple technology that works.

Jeff’s philanthropic values show through his commitments and contributions to worthy causes. He has been on special missions to Haiti and Africa, donates a percentage of all profits to charities, and encourages quarterly company volunteer work.
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Markie Harris
Queen Bee / President
Markie Harris came to Hive seven years ago after running her own marketing company. Since then, she’s worn several hats and currently runs day-to-day operations as Hive’s president.

In her free time, she enjoys serving both the Tampa Bay community and the world at large. She’s particularly passionate about supporting a farm in Haiti that provides food and water to a nearby town and locally in Tampa Bay, helping girls who have been human trafficked to recover and return to a normal life.
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Steve Tapia
Busy Bee / Logistics Manager
Tim Simpson
Honey Bee / Service Sales
Mike Lane
Worker Bee / Senior Programmer
Hankie Pankie
Office Super Hero
Office Superhero
Patrick Jones
Job Lead/Worker Bee
Ben Ignaszak
Busy Bee/ Project Manager
Scott Carlson
Worker Bee/ Technician
Dylan Carlson
Worker Bee/ Technician
Rocco Colafrancesco
VP of Revenue
Christian Harris
Worker Bee/Senior Programmer
Jovanni Dosal
Worker Bee/Technician
Sebastian Arias
Inventory Manager
Nick Rochefort
VP of Admin