What’s the purpose of a home security system if it’s too difficult to understand? Our easy-to-use security systems give you the peace of mind you need once you leave your house – keeping you and everything inside protected.
Your home, valuables and family are priceless…and so is their safety.

Optimize your home when we install a top-of-the-line system with industry-leading technology that allows you to monitor every location of your home – so you can keep an eye on what and who matters most.

The Safety Perks of Smart Home Security Cameras

Hive’s products are tailored specifically to help our customers relax. With easy-to-use smart TV controls and the finest automated shades in Tampa, security cameras can go overlooked.

To keep your family as safe as possible, know the value of smart-enabled security cameras. Learn the ways these systems keep you and your loved ones safe below.

  1. Check in Anytime You Like

The most important reason to purchase the highest caliber home security cameras Tampa has to offer is peace of mind. Using security cameras and a smartphone or tablet, you can check in at any time — day or night. Check in during vacations, long weekends, or when the only people home are your teenage children or the petsitters.

  1. See Something? Take Advantage of All Smart-Enabled Devices

A full 70% of homes include outdoor living areas. Equip these areas — as well as any entrances to your home and the garage — with security cameras and check them as often as you like.

If you see something notably suspicious like a stranger lurking around your front door late at night, our smart systems can help you notify the proper authorities right away! If you see something unclear that may be an animal, child, or innocent bystander, why not use other smart devices for additional security? Turn a light off in one room and another light on in the next. Turn the TV on and crank up the volume. Any of these controls could be enough to show a stranger, innocent or not, that there is someone watching the house. By integrating smart devices and home automation systems with the home security cameras Tampa families trust, Hive customers can do it all from their tablet or smartphone.

  1. Relax Knowing You Have All Bases Covered

A run-of-the-mill light company can install lights and maybe window treatments if you’re lucky. Hive is no run-of-the-mill company! Hive systems include automated locks, leak detection, and smoke detection in addition to their quality cameras. Forget to lock the door? You can easily secure doors while at the office. Worried you left a stove burner on? Let Hive’s smoke detection ease your mind and allow you to peacefully continue your day.

There are as many as 2.5 million burglaries every year. Eliminate your worries by teaming up with Hive to install the best home security cameras Tampa, FL offers.

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Access Your Home Security System from Anywhere

Make sure the family is safe and secure – even when you can’t be there.


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Smarter Security

Install a system that alerts you when something goes wrong. Burglars, leaks, smoke detection, doors left unlocked, etc.

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Everything You Need

We provide it all including cellular backup, central security monitoring with GUARANTEED lowest pricing and top-of-the line GE Security equipment.

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