What is Hive's Warranty on Service?

When it comes to any major project, you want to be assured that you get what you pay for. A warranty guarantees that your system will continue to work even if an issue arises.

At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa Bay, we provide the utmost service so our clients are never left in the dark. 

In this article we cover,

  • What is Hive’s Warranty
  • What Are the Manufacturer’s Warranties
  • Hive Care: Hive's Dedicated Service Plan

What is Hive’s Warranty?

There is a 30-day warranty on the labor for any installation. From product malfunction to client education, Hive is there to help. Absolutely free, Hive will arrive on the scene ready to address any issues that may arise. 

If you’re experiencing any issues with your system within 30-days of your installation, feel free to contact us at 813-575-HIVE

What Are the Manufacturer's Warranties? 

Hive works with a variety of products to create the smart home of your dream. Our products include brands like Sony, Atlona, Araknis, and others. Hive only uses trusted brands with proven records of excellent service.

Every one of our products comes with a minimum of a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For example, any of our architectural speakers (speaker mounted inside the drywall of the wall or ceiling) have lifetime warranties on the products themselves. However, this doesn’t cover labor or shipping. 

In addition, we use the Sony ES line of speakers (ES stands for Elevated Standard). These speakers give consumers a three-year warranty on the speakers. We often recommend that line of speakers because of its extensive warranties.

Also, all our cameras come with a five-year warranty. The NVR (network video recorder) that you use to record has a two-year warranty. Every piece of equipment comes with its own manufacturer’s warranty. (However, labor and shipping are always on top of the warranty.) 

Some companies are particular about their warranty policies. For example,

Sony products are often warranted for 90 days to 1 year. Sony also requires the original box the product came with.

Atlona offers 10-year warranties on many of its products. This is because Atlona sells high-quality products and is confident in their durability.

Generally, warranties are on the company’s website. For more questions about any equipment warranty, please ask your Hive specialist.

Hive Care: Hive's Dedicated Service Plan

Imagine you pay a landscaper a ton of money to make your yard look and feel absolutely beautiful! Now imagine you didn’t touch that landscaping for five years. Or maybe ten years. And think about 20 years! All that beautiful landscaping would be overgrown and probably dying. You would be right back at square one, paying someone even more money to come reshape your lawn.

If you wouldn’t let your yard become outdated, why let your home? We at Hive are offering a service never-before-seen in our industry. From an elite, all inclusive package to a limited, pay-as-you-go plan, there’s a service plan to fit your personal and financial needs.

  • Limited
    • A pay-as-you-go program, where Hive rolls a truck with each service call you submit.
  • Essential
    • This plan offers reactive monitoring and discounted service calls. Also, this plan includes access to OvrC. A handy app that allows you to reboot your system and address issues from the palm of your hand. We recommended the essential plan for small businesses and residential businesses.
  • Priority
    • Priority plans include everything listed in the previous plan, with a higher service discount. Also inlcuded is priority sercive, which places you in the front of the queue for each service call, guaranteeing faster service. Priority members also receive proactive monitoring. This means, Hive monitors your system and catch problems before you’re even aware of them. 
    • As a part of our top-tier plan, Elite members can expect top-quality service. On top of each benefit listed in previous plans, the Elite service plan also includes a yearly tune-up. During this tune-up, our Hive technicians clean and update your entire system. An elite service for elite systems. 

You can read more about the benefits of Hive Care here, or check out each plan’s dedicated blog. Avoid the frustrations of a system outage by signing up for Hive Care, and know that we have your back long after we walk out the door. 

Have More Questions on Hive's Warranty?

With our specialized service plans and trusted brands, Hive is dedicated to ensuring the smart home of your dreams. When it comes to your smart home system, you’re in safe hands with Hive.

If you have any questions about our warranties on services or products, please call a Hive representative at 813-575-HIVE. You can also reach out through our contact page. Check out more behind-the-scenes installations and videos on our Youtube channel

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