Your Smart Home Care: Introducing The Hive Care Essential Plan

The Best Smart Smart Care Plan for Small Business

Hive is introducing a never-before-seen smart home care service! Referred to as Hive Care, these service plans were developed with our customers in mind.

Imagine you pay a landscaper a ton of money to make your yard look and feel absolutely beautiful! Now imagine you didn’t touch that landscaping for five years. Or maybe ten years. And think about 20 years! All that beautiful landscaping would be overgrown and probably dying. You would be right back at square one, paying someone even more money to come reshape your lawn. 

If you wouldn’t let your yard become outdated, why let your home? We at Hive are offering a service never-before-seen in our industry. From an elite, all-inclusive package to a limited, pay-as-you-go plan, there’s a service plan to fit your personal and financial needs.

Hive Care is our new proactive maintenance service, designed to help our clients with everything from system outages to yearly tune-ups. Our four unique plans include; Limited, Essential, Priority, and Elite. This wide range of plans will give you the peace of mind that Hive will care for your system long after we walk out the door.

Our Essential Support Plan provides incredible service for clients with smaller, residential systems. With a monthly price of $59, this plan includes access to OVRC, a handy mobile app enabling you to quickly fix many of the common issues technology systems experience from the palm of your hand. No service call is needed! 

The Essential Support Plan also includes a reactive remote repair service. With a call to our 24/7 support service, Hive will remotely access your system and troubleshoot the problem. Struggling to solve the issue remotely? The Essential Plan automatically applies a 10% discount on our normal labor rates. 

Hive Care is always available to help fix system issues as fast and conveniently as possible for your lifestyle. Avoid the frustrations of a system outage before it happens, and contact our knowledgeable representatives about Hive Care today. 

Select Essential Support Plan:

  • Cost: $59 per month
  • Best For: Small Business & Residential
  • Discounted Labor Rates on Service: 10% Off
  • App Control
  • 24/7 Email, Text, and Chat Support
  • Reactive Remote Repair

Hive Care is your new smart home care service. Be sure to check out previous blogs on Hive Care’s Elite and Priority Plans which includes all these benefits and more! More information on Hive Care is available on our website. Contact us at (813)547-HIVE or on our contact page here.


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