Which Businesses Can Benefits From Commercial Motorized Shades?

Automated window shades can provide your business with many benefits, offering you a unique option in security systems and design. Shade controls can be installed and motorized to fit nearly any type of window on the market, satisfying both large and small commercial projects. Outlined below are businesses that can benefit from the use of automated shades.

Hospitals and Healthcare Offices

When it comes to hospitals and healthcare offices, not just any window shade fabric will do. These types of settings require specialized fabrics that meet certain health standards. These standards require that fabrics are fire retardant and anti-microbial, for starters. For rooms occupied by patients, you may want to look into automated room darkening shades, as well. This can provide greater convenience, comfort, and privacy for both patients and staff members.

Traditional Office Spaces

Sun glare can be a nightmare during business presentations. When you're in a conference room, you'll want to ensure everyone can see what you've worked so hard on. Even outside of meetings, workers might complain about sun streaming in through nearby windows. Although natural light can be a wonderful feature, it can be problematic at certain times of the day. A common solution for this is to utilize blackout window coverings with automated shade controls or shades that have solar screens. This can allow natural light to be utilized whenever possible but will still provide the protection employees need to be at their best.


One of the most common complaints a restaurant owner gets is that the sun is right in a customer's eyes. The customer may even request that they themselves try to use the window covering themselves in order to fix the issue. While this can lead to frustration on both sides, there is actually an easy solution. Automated window coverings with shade controls can allow a restaurant owner to easily adjust the amount of light that is coming into the restaurant. Not only will this please customers and workers, but it is also more energy-efficient. This will ultimately allow you to save money in the long run.

Homeowners typically replace their window coverings every seven to eight years. It stands to reason that business owners should consider doing so just as (or even more) frequently. Having access to automated window technology can be more convenient for business owners and workers while saving time, money, and energy. To learn more about our variety of automated shade controls and how they can benefit your business, please contact us today.

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