Imagine coming home from a long day with your house illuminated to the perfect lighting. Now imagine making this happen with the click of a button.
Let us help you make that image an everyday reality.
When you’re home, you don’t need your lights at full capacity when you’re reading or watching a movie.
With Hive, you can create light and shading settings to establish the perfect mood for movie night or an all-nighter of work.

LIGHTING AND SHADING CATERED TO YOU Automated Smart Lighting Control Tampa

At Hive, your comfort is our priority! That is why we make it possible to control the lighting in your home with a simple click of the button.

As one of the top lighting companies Tampa FL has to offer, Hive prides itself on its smart blinds and automated shades that afford you convenience, reliability, and a satisfying experience. Here are just a few perks of Hive’s smart lighting and shading:

You can strike the perfect ambiance

Whether you would like to dim the lights to watch a movie, turn them up to share a meal with family, or adjust their brightness to read a newspaper or book, Hive’s home automation allows you to do it all from your preferred device.

You can reap considerable energy savings

Invest in the automated shades Tampa FL can’t stop talking about! Home automation is quickly becoming the norm. As of this year, there are as many as 45 million smart devices in U.S. homes, connecting anything from lights, TVs, and shades to security cameras and alarms.

If you’re looking to dive into the smart home market, choosing from the finest automated window shades Tampa FL has to offer is a good place to start. This is because of their potential energy savings. According to, the right shades can lower heating loss by up to 40% and that translates into saving roughly 20% on heating bills.

You can benefit from an added measure of security

There is a lot to do before leaving for vacation, or even leaving the house unoccupied for a long weekend. That means the little details are more likely to slip your notice. These are often small things like closing the blinds or leaving a light on for peace of mind. Simple, easy-to-use automated shades Tampa FL residents love can resolve those forgotten details quickly and without fuss. Just grab your smartphone and close however many automated shades you would like, whether you are still on the road or have already arrived at your final destination.

Similarly, it is wise to create the illusion that someone is home while you are away. Team up with Hive, the top Tampa light company, and select home automation systems that will help you keep your neighbors guessing. Log on daily or every few days to switch lights on, switch lights off, and otherwise suggest someone is moving around your home. With an automated system, you can also create a schedule that turns your lights on and off and controls your shades at the same times you normally would if you were home.

Choose home automation for your comfort and safety. From switches to dimmers to even lighting control from your remote or smartphone – we’ll personalize your home with lighting options that are not only convenient, but cost-effective and environmentally friendly! Contact Hive today to learn more.

Lighting And Shading Presets


From reading session to dinner parties to romantic nights, customize your home’s lighting to the brightness of your choice.


Energy Savings


Change your home’s lighting to a dimmer setting and save BIG on your energy bills. Being eco-friendly can’t hurt.

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