What to Expect Before Installation of Your New Equipment

Here's a simple, concise guide mapping out Hive Design's smart home installation process to help our clients understand how we operate and know what to expect before, during, and after their equipment installation.

Our installation process can be summarized as follows:

1. New Equipment Scheduling

After the consultation phase, and we have Signature and payment, we proceed to schedule a date for the installation of New Equipment based on your approval of the proposal. We work with you to schedule a comfortable date and time for the job and continue to reach out to remind you of the appointment at least two times before the scheduled date.

The first reminder comes two weeks before the agreed date, while the second one comes 48 hours before the appointment. We do this to confirm that you have us captured in your plans and to ensure we are notified on time in case there are any changes in your schedule. Also, we remind you of any necessary preparations to make, such as completing your due payments, to avoid any delay on the installation day.

2. Payment

Our payment schedule occurs in three phases:

The proposal phase:

Here, you pay 50% of the project's total cost, and this should ideally take place as soon as you sign our worked-out proposal. The 50% part payment confirms your readiness and commitment to the project and helps us put you on our schedule for a New Equipment.

Pre-installation phase:

Here, you pay 45% of the project fee, which should typically be done between the two weeks before the scheduled date or, at most, 48 hours to the day.

Post-installation phase:

This is where you pay the final 5%, which comes after we complete your smart home installation project.

3. New Equipment​ Installation

When we arrive at your home, we split the actual installation job into three stages: pre-wire, trim, and final. Note: these phases may vary based on your home's phase of construction.


At this stage, we meticulously run the wires through your home in accordance with your preferred smart home design. Our technicians will perform a seamless wire set-up so that nothing disrupts the wires as they run through your home.


Once we successfully run the wires through your home, we proceed to prepare them for your equipment. Put putting on the connectors and connecting the to the wall plates, this also includes wire management, and labeling of cables.


At this point, we bring in your TV's, rack to house all of your equipment, sound and video system, and other equipment you desire to have in your smart home. Then your Job lead and Field Supervisor will work together to come up with a time-efficient plan in order to complete your scope of work.

Program set up:

Our programmer sets up your equipment carrying out all necessary software installation processes until your devices are ready-to-use.

4. Project Completion

After installing the equipment, we enter the project completion phase, where we set up the program, test your smart home for effectiveness, and issue the tech school cert. When the equipment is fully installed, our programmer educates you on the usage of your new smart home and goes over each of its features for a comprehensive understanding. It is very important that you are present as well as any members of your family at this time to avoid additional charges to come back and train you or any other household members. The certification confirms that the job was done from start to finish and was handed over to you successfully.

Finally, we offer a 30-day warranty which allows you to report any issue you experience with the equipment, and we'd come to fix it for free. We do this to indicate our genuine concern for your satisfaction and an affirmation of our quality services.

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