A New Look at Service Plans: What Do We Do to Service Your System?

Something that should be brought up by customers but is not talked about by many companies who sell home automation and audio-visual systems is what happens after the sale and installation are complete.

Sometimes it seems salesmen hope that the client will never ask this question, but most customers do want to know this.
What do we do to service the systems after the fact?

Jeff Harris, founder of Hive, says, “I always get such a kick out of it – like buying a $100,000 automobile and you are ready to walk out of the dealership and of course, they are going to talk about their different warranty plans – do you want coverage from headlight replacement to trunk, or just the engine and transmission? What about the paint, the brake pads, and the oil changes? What will they cover within the warranty period and what about when that warranty period ends? So, like the extended warranties for your car, this concept is also logical to apply to a large investment such as a home technology system.”

“We sell $10,000, 20,000 50,000 to 100,000 or even up to $500,000 audiovisual and technology systems and some people don’t have the expectation that they would ever break. This is a little unrealistic in this world. Things can go wrong, lightning can strike, even cameras can break, so what about maintenance for your home technology system?”

People don’t have the expectation that they are ever going to need to have any maintenance. Like a smartphone they update every year or two, or their car for which they purchase the gold seal warranty, there are service plans to help maintain and cover the cost of breakage or repairs when you need them for your Smart home.

Hive has addressed this with our service plans

First, we have what we call our limited plan – for zero dollars - if you have an issue, you would call us during normal business hours, and we would get out there within 7-10 days, and service would be performed at the standard hourly rates. You also have the availability to email us with any problems and we’ll create a service ticket and we’ll respond via email.

We also have three different plans: essential, priority and elite.

These different plans range in the amount of discount you get on the hourly rate and the speed of service with which we respond to your request. (See table below).

In our elite plan, we will also come out once a year and tune up the system, make sure everything is working and we literally dust any of the cameras and make sure all the lenses on the cameras are clean and they are focused properly, and we’ll go around and make sure every piece of equipment is working properly.

These are these 4 different service plans, limited is the break-fix model – if something breaks, we come and fix it.

The others are a more pro-active type of service approach.

We wanted to tell clients about it because not everyone has these service plans and we think it is important to know you can relax and let us take care of the maintenance on your system after the sale and installation is complete.

We’re here to help answer any questions you have about the home technology process. Call (813) 938-1585 or click anytime.

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