What Components Make Up Your Home Theater

When it comes to shopping for, and building your home theater there are endless possibilities, which is both exciting yet very overwhelming. Here is a quick guide on the basic products and simple options you will certainly need to know before diving into the home theater installation process.

TV vs. Projector Screen
Deciding between a TV or projector set-up for your home theater is the first and most important step. In a smaller theater or living room space we’ve noticed many people prefer the TV option. In order to get a great viewing experience with a TV set-up, we recommend getting nothing less than a 65” screen with at least 4K resolution. In our experience, Sony TV’s are the best option because they are specifically designed to give you a high-quality movie theater experience. Even the producers at Hollywood Studios use Sony Technology to create and view their work!

When it comes to recreating a more “traditional” movie theater-like space and feeling, a projector and projector screen set-up is definitely the way to go. Through our experience, Screen Innovations has been our go-to company because of its user-friendly website, variety of screen and projector options, and amazing price points. One of the biggest decisions you will make when picking your screen is whether or not you want a motorized screen that comes down when you are ready to play your favorite flick. It is important to note, that regardless of what you choose, picture quality should always be your biggest priority when shopping for a new projector and screen set up.

Sound and Speaker Selection
For your new space to qualify as a home theater, you will need to have surround sound. Surround sound comes from the following categories.

  • 5.1 - 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.
  • 7.1 - 7 speakers; 3 in the front, 4 in the ceiling, and 1 subwoofer (true theater sound).
  • 9.2 - 9 speakers and 2 subwoofers.

There are hundreds of speakers available to choose from but our personal favorite speakers are from Klipsh. Not only does Klipsh offer a lifetime warranty, but they were founded in 1946 making them one of the first and longest American run technology companies in the marketplace. Additionally, Klipsh speakers are known for their extremely smooth sound and elite quality.

Video and Audio Sources
Once your home theater has all of the major components such as the screen and speakers, it needs the product that actually makes the space functional. This is where the AVR comes in. An AVR stands for Audio Video Recorder and it is what allows the sound to come through the speakers and match up with whatever is being played on your screen. Of course, our personal favorite AVR’s come from Sony because of its reliable quality.

Seating and Shading
When it comes to seating you have to ask whether or not you want recliner seats, comfy couches, or even some awesome combination of both. This all depends on you and your family’s style. We recommend that you check out companies such as Salamander that are dedicated to providing you with the perfect set up. Shading is just as, if not more important than seating in your home theater because it can either make or break your entire experience. There is nothing worse than getting all excited and prepared to enjoy a film only to realize that you cannot see your screen because of glare coming from the light outside. To combat this daytime issue, many of our clients add window treatments to their home theaters. Our window treatments include motorized drapery or motorized shades that can be connected to your Amazon Alexa device. Imagine simply saying “Alexa it’s Movie Time!” and being rewarded with the dimming of lights, covering of shades, and sounds and images from your screen. We can make this dream a reality!

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