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Why A Home Theater System Is Worth Every Penny

You’ve been pursuing the finest home theater systems Tampa FL offers, but you cannot make up your mind. You keep returning to the question, “Is a smart in-home theater system right for me?”

At Hive, we certainly think so! Home theaters do not just add an air of luxury. Homeowners enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of these rooms as well. Read on for more information.

Simplify Socializing

Study after study reveals the importance of socializing and maintaining a tight-knit friend group. Having close friends reduces anxiety and depression, improves your immune system, and may even help you live longer. With one of the best home theater systems Tampa FL touts, you won’t even have to leave the comforts of your home to get everyone together.

Thanks to comfy seats, ambient lighting that you can customize, and surround-sound systems, friends are sure to flock to your house for a well-deserved movie night.

Stress-Free Entertainment

Going to the movies can be a hassle. Sometimes, it’s downright stressful. Too often you have to face sold-out tickets and busy midnight movie premieres, weave through tight crowds, and unstick your shoes from dirty movie theater floors.

Instead, you can close your home’s automated shades, recline your seat however much you like, and spend a night in for some much-needed stress relief. With Hive’s integrated smart technologies system, your home theatre can even do the work of picking out a movie for you.

Control Custom Sound and Lighting Settings

Using home automation, you can adjust all lighting in your home theater. From theater-style lighting with light strips on the floor and along the edges of the room to regular living room lighting, you can control it all with one device. You can also select quality sound systems and manipulate them to project voices while slightly muffling explosions, screams, and background noises. Conversely, you could amplify all noises to heighten their effect and truly immerse yourself in the film.

The home theater systems Tampa Fl residents can’t stop talking about are also a great way to experience your favorite music. Don’t worry about overlapping music tastes as our customization options will accommodate your needs to keep your tunes separate. And with state-of-the-art speakers from Klipsch®, you can finally experience music the way it was meant to be heard!

Team up with Hive to enjoy all of the benefits of going to the movies — and then some. Experience what it feels like to have the theater to yourself, maintain close relationships with friends, and experiment with lighting and sound for a showing that activates all the senses. Call us today at (813) 544-4483 or fill out our easy-to-use form below to get started.

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