Is A Hive Home Consultation Free?

The simple answer: Yes! At Hive, a home premier automation company, we know that upgrading your home or business is a huge, but rewarding, undertaking. Let Hive make the process more convenient and efficient! 

When you schedule a free consultation, you’re guaranteed to be talking with a knowledgeable and professional home automation expert. Whether it's a security system or a custom home theater, our busy bees are experts in all their fields. 

In this article, we cover everything you need to get started on your free consultation and what to expect from our employees. 

How Do I Schedule My Free Hive Home Consultation?

It’s incredibly simple to set up your free consultation. Simply contact Hive by calling 813-575-HIVE or reaching us through our contact page. There, you'll talk to a knowledgeable sales representative who will get you on the right track in your new smart space. 

Whether you contact us through our website, phone, or third parties like Angi's list our sales team will respond quickly and efficiently. Your first contact will be with a salesperson, who will take down important information. This includes your contact information, an overview of your desired product, and your schedule. 

Once everything is written down and sorted, your salesperson will arrange a time that works best for you. Please allow time to walk the proposed site as well as sit down and discuss your technology wants and needs. From there, you’ll be in contact with your designer leading up to the consultation. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Hive is here to provide you with the best service in the industry. A plethora of home automation information is on our website, including our blog that details topics like Wireless vs Hardwire, What to Consider When Planning A Home Theater, and more

Need more personalized information about your upcoming appointment? Reach out to Hive and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

What Can I Expect From My Consultation Designer?

First of all, your Hive design consultant will ask you lots of questions to be sure they understand your needs and what you want in your smart home. The consultant will walk through your home with you (or go over the plans if it is a new home). From there, you can tell them what you would like in each room. 

As you tour the house or discuss the plans, your designer will note anything that could lead to a disruption in the installation. This can include inaccessible areas or issues with product compatibility. 

For more information on what could cause an increase in time or price, take a look at our No Surprise Promise. This policy covers the most common delays in the home automation industry and what you can do to prevent/combat them. 

You can read more about what to expect from your design consultant in our previous blog Meeting Your Design Consultant: What To Expect. There you’ll find a list of things your consultant might discuss with you, and what to expect after the process. 

How Should I Prepare For My Consultation?

The best way to prepare is to break down what you want in your system. Looking for a simple security system? No problem! Check out our previous blog on The Average Cost of a Security System where we break down price averages and vulnerable parts of the home. Want to automate your entire house? Then try our budget calculator and get an estimate for the system. 

Our free consultation service is here to benefit you! Get the most out of your home upgrade and enter the world of automation with the best knowledge and products for you! You can schedule your free consultation by calling Hive at 813-575-HIVE or reaching us through our contact pageCheck out more installations behind-the-scenes on our Youtube Channel.

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