How Much Do Automated Shades Cost?

Smart home automation is a hot topic right now as homeowners blend everyday function with incredible technology. At Hive, we offer a wide range of smart, Automated Shades solutions—including motorized blinds—at a variety of price points. Keep reading to learn more!

Key Benefits of Automated Shades or Motorized Blinds

Home automation provides homeowners with total control over their environment, no matter where they are. These are just some of the benefits of motorized blinds:

● Adjusting your blinds is as easy as flipping a switch. With the Smart Switch, you can control your blinds as soon as you enter a room! You can also program your blinds to follow voice commands, such as “movie time,” “go to bed,” or “wake up.”

● Improve home security by controlling your blinds from afar. Heading out of town? Make it look like you’re still at home by raising and lowering your blinds throughout the day.

Customize your smart home automation profile with your specific preferences. Want the blinds closed throughout the day, but open when you get home? Enter your 4-digit code in your smart lock, and your home will be set up exactly the way you like it as soon as you walk in the door.

● Improve your home’s energy efficiency and save on your energy bills each month. Motorized shades can follow the sun’s schedule. They’ll lower during the day to reduce the amount of hot sunlight streaming through your windows.

Enjoy the morning sun without leaving the comfort of your bed. Want to sleep in total darkness, but like the bright morning sun when you wake up? Motorized blinds allow you to raise your blackout blind while keeping the light-filtering shade lowered—all while enjoying those precious five more minutes.

The Average Cost of Automated Shades

At Hive, we carry an extensive variety of options to suit all home styles. For motorized options, add at least 50% of the base price to the end total.

Plantation-Style or Wood Blinds

Planation-style or wood blinds are a great cost-effective option, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. They come in faux or real wood, as well as a variety of color options. Basic styles start at around $300/shade, while the higher-end wood options are closer to $1000/shade.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are incredibly popular for a few reasons—they’re timeless, and they often provide superior blackout capabilities compared to slatted blinds. Non-motorized roller shades start around $500/shade and motorized versions start at $1200/shade. Each brand has different fabric options which will affect the price, so speak to your design consultant to learn more.

Honeycomb or Cellular Shades

Like plantation-style blinds, cellular shades are a cost-effective option, starting at $300/window. Homeowners can choose from a variety of fabrics, ranging from basic cotton to high-end silk. As an added benefit, cellular shades are incredibly energy-efficient.

Working with a home designer? That’s great! We offer door-to-door service, so our team can meet with you and your designer at your home—or other specified location—to get you everything you need. Visit our website to see what we have to offer today!

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