Looking for the ultimate cinema experience in the comfort of your own home?

Creating a home theater is becoming the norm for many households now that technology has become more advanced. If you’re looking to set up a small cinema with the best home theater decor, we’ve got you covered with the basics.

Read on to explore what you’ll need.

The Space

Setting up your home cinema doesn’t require much room. As the old adage goes, less is more. To get the most out of your home cinema, you’ll want to consider two factors: acoustics and ambiance.

Most homes aren’t built for the ultimate audio experience, so you’ll want to look into purchasing acoustic boards to line your walls. They’re also great for hiding any unsightly cables you may need in setting up your home cinema.

For the ambiance, you’ll want to keep the mood dim and the walls and floors dark. A smart lighting system can really improve the viewing experience for any event, whether you’re having a quiet night in for two or hosting a viewing party.

Furniture and Style

Cozy is the goal here.

Whether you’re a fan of leather or more into the plush feel, choose furniture that will accommodate everyone in your family and circle of friends. You’ll want to keep it dark and simple so as not to distract from the viewing experience. Consider amping up your home theater experience with some stadium-style seating so everyone has eyes on the screen.

And for some extra home theater decor, look into vintage movie posters! It’s a great way to imitate movie theater spaces and pay homage to your favorite films.

Video Source

You have two options here: an LCD screen or a projector.

They each have their pros and cons that you’ll want to research before making any purchase. Projectors are a bit more versatile in setting up your home theater decor, while LCD TVs provide a crisper picture for a more affordable price in comparison.

Audio Source

While you might think of a home theater decor as a visual experience, the audio system is a critical element to creating the full experience. Now is the time to really invest in a quality sound system.

There are wireless and wired options available. Whatever you choose, be sure to place the speakers in key locations without detracting from the viewing field. Speakers are to be heard, not seen!

Smart Media Player

Let’s take a look at how you’re going to access your personal video library. You still have the option to use a DVD or BluRay player, but it might be time for an upgrade.

It’s best to go fully digital and set up a cloud-based service for your home cinema library. This will put all your content in an easily accessible location right from your phone.

Plan Your Home Theater Decor Now!

It’s a worthwhile venture with many components to consider, so get planning now to create the ultimate cinema experience.

The Hive Team is here to help. Feel free to contact us for guidance and installation to get the most out of your home theater.

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