7 Tips for Turning Your House Into a Smart Home

It is no secret that people are using more and more technology to make their lives easier and more convenient. Many people around the United States are turning their places into smart homes. From putting in light controls to programming the smart hubs to control things like their security cameras and automated window shades. Here are some tips to turn your place into a smart home.

  1. Get an assistant for your home. Assistants at work can make life easier and now there are electronic assistants to help you at home. People have different options when it comes to this. Amazon offers their Echo service with Alexa. If you are more of a Google person, you can go with their home product. And if you are more interested in Apple products, that company has a Home Pod Assistant.
  2. Make your lighting smarter. Today, it may seem like just about anything can find a way to connect to a home internet network. If you are looking for lighting controls, you really only have to look as far as the lightbulbs themselves. Getting WiFi ready lightbulbs will allow you to use the light controls on apps on your smartphone or in your home assistant. Your light controls can let you change the level of light in your home and can allow you to change the color. You can use these light controls to turn certain lamps on and off or control entire rooms or floors in your home.
  3. A smart thermostat can lower your bills. People who install and use smart thermostats can lower the cost of heating and cooling the home without sacrificing comfort. You can set your heating or cooling system to change the temperature of your home before you get there after work. These also let you monitor your household when you are not there.
  4. Increase your security with a smart doorbell. Doorbells with cameras that link to apps on your phone can help you and your family feel safer at home. Some allow you to see who is at the door and communicate with them from anywhere. You can also set your doorbell to recognize people who visit your home on a regular basis and announce their arrival. These allow you to know when your children get home from school. You can also use these devices to keep your home and packages safe from thieves. No one will know you are not at home unless you want them to.
  5. Smart locks make your home safer and more convenient. These will allow you to open or lock doors in your home with the touch of a button, using a code, or with an app on your smartphone. This will make your life more convenient because you can get into your home even if you cannot find your keys and will let you check on your doors from anywhere. Think you left a door unlocked but you are already in bed? No problem! Check it on your phone.
  6. Put all of your security cameras on a smart system. People today use home security systems with cameras inside and outside of their homes. Most can let you go back and watch what was captured. The cameras on your security systems can be equipped with smart home technologies to be able to get better images even at night.
  7. Look at smart outlets. People often do not think about all of the power their appliances and devices use when they are turned off or are sitting idle. Smart outlets can cut the power to devices and appliances when they are not being used. These also allow you to set times when these things can be used. You can also monitor how much power your items are using throughout the day. They can thus be controlled from anywhere.

Changing a place to be a smart home is something that is becoming popular all over. There are currently about 45 million smart home devices running in the nation. By 2021, it is expected that there will be at least one billion people using voice-operated devices.

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