4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

In just a few short years, it is estimated that nearly 63 million American homes will be “smart.” For those of you in Tampa, FL who may not have heard of smart homes, they include everything from automated window shades and smartphone-controlled lighting to app-based security cameras and climate control thermostats. In fact, the convenience, ease, and cost savings that smart homes offer is prompting experts to say that the market will reach over $53 billion by 2022. Here's a list of the most popular smart home technologies that you might want to try.

Smart Lighting

You can find lighting companies Tampa FL that can completely transform your home or office. Choose between smart bias lighting behind your television, accent lighting on artwork, or dimmers that are controlled with your phone. Many lighting companies Tampa FL can even automate all of your lights so that you never have to worry about turning them on and off yourself again. You can set your lights to automatically turn on at sunset or even to flicker when you get a new email. A Tampa light company can also install smart lighting that provides more security by detecting motion and turning on to scare off intruders. It seems that the sky’s the limit when it comes to lighting options. Find lighting companies Tampa FL to see what other options they can come up with.

Automated Window Shades Tampa

Another smart solution for your home that is gaining popularity is automated window shades. An automated shades Tampa professional can install smart technology that opens or closes your window coverings with your phone or the click of a button. You can also set your shades to open or close automatically at a certain time. You can even get automatic tinting windows when it’s time to replace your windows; however, the cost is higher than smart window shades. Smart windows will provide UV protection and, much like smart shades or smart lighting, can decrease your energy bill.

Home Security Cameras

If you’re concerned about security in your home or office, it’s never been easier or more affordable to install home security cameras. Security cameras can be accessed from your phone or computer—you can see what’s happening in every corner of your home if you want. If you forget to lock your doors, a smart security system will notify you. It will even notify you if there’s a fire or gas leak. If you have pets at home, you can check on them with a security camera throughout the day.

Home Theater Systems

Perhaps the most luxurious smart update you can make to your home nowadays is a home theater system. You can install jumbo screens, surround sound, and ambient lighting. You can watch television or movies, play games, or listen to music with a home theater system. Throw in some comfy seating and a popcorn machine and you’ll never want to leave home.

Making your home a smart one is finally becoming a reality for many people. It is now more affordable and convenient than it used to be. If you’re looking for a good place to start, consider updating your lighting, window shades, security cameras, or adding a home theater.

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