Are you someone passionate about home design? Or do you enjoy custom lighting for practical purposes?

Lighting can make or break a room. With custom lighting, you have a vast amount of options when arranging lights and picking new light sources.

Do you enjoy funky lamps, low lighting, or extravagant hanging lights? Custom lighting has options for all preferences.

The aesthetics are important to consider, but lights also serve an incredible function. More options are available when selecting bulbs, placement, and brightness.

Are you considering spicing up your d?cor with home lighting? Here are 4 reasons why you should use custom lighting.

1. Use Natural Light

The best light in the world is sunlight. While it may seem difficult to emulate sunlight in your home, it’s definitely a home lighting option. What’s the easiest way to mimic sunlight? Installing more windows.

Weigh out your options when installing windows, considering the size and how many per room.

Is your home not optimized for large or numerous windows? Consider investing in natural light bulbs that are dimmable.

2. Lighting Effects

If you truly want a unique customized home, invest in a light automation system that optimizes lighting effects. The software is advanced and can be adjusted for any purpose.

For an average day, you can use a simple adjustment such as aligning your home lights with the sun’s angle or custom dimming the lights for a romantic night in.

For parties and other events, consider fun light effects such as color-changing lights.

3. Install LED Lights

LED lighting is great for practical purposes and can create a beautiful glow.

If you have an eye for interior design, feel free to get creative with LED lights. Install LED lights to areas such as your staircase, your kitchen, or your backyard. Find LED lights to control the brightness or even find them in unique colors.

For those who use lights for practical purposes, install LED lights in your workshop or closet. This creates better visibility and accentuation on certain objects.

4. Control Color Temperature

Color temperature has a significant impact on your home.

The light source in your room creates a certain environment. Maybe you prefer warmer lights because of the way they illuminate a room. Or maybe you’re looking for a certain bulb because of the wallpaper or wall paint.

Other factors include more productivity with warmer colors and coziness with a soft-white lamp glow. Certain color temperatures increase focus, such as cool lights. This is why cool lights are recommended for bedrooms and as desk lamps.

Time to Change Home Lighting

Light can impact your home more than you would expect. Certain lighting can make you more productive or lazy. Lighting can also increase or decrease the aesthetics of your home.

Certain lighting is better in certain rooms and a different type of lighting can be great for the next room. Other prefer lighting to be completely uniform in each room.

Experiment with different custom lighting strategies and find out what works best for your home.

If you need lighting automation, take a look at our products.

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