Why You Should Invest in an Air Purifier

You have probably, at some point heard at least one person talking about, recommending, or using an air purifier. Since air purifiers are becoming more and more popular, today, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, you may wonder are they truly useful or simply a fad that will eventually disappear. The truth is, the best air purifiers today are carefully designed filters with a purpose of greatly improving air quality by successfully eliminating the most harmful and bothersome contaminants. The pollutants that air purifiers help get rid of include smoke, allergens, dust, pet dander, and even environmental pollution that finds its way into your home or office space.

4 Reasons You Have an Air Purifier

1. You Have a Brand New Home
Moving into a new home is extremely exciting and rewarding for hundreds of reasons. However, when construction, renovations, paint jobs, etc, are completed, your house is left with pollutants such as formaldehyde which is a very dangerous toxin that has been proven to lead to future health problems. Air purifiers are capable of completely filtering out toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and much more. For those with babies and young children, this is specifically important because they are still constantly developing and these toxic pollutants can cause even more damage for them than adults. Good quality air purifiers are definitely effective in giving you a better peace of mind while being and breathing at home with your family.

2. You Are an Animal Lover Who Suffers from Allergies
I know first hand how hard it can be to struggle with allergies from pets while also being a huge dog and cat lover. Fortunately, air purifiers have proven to greatly reduce and filter out the pet dander, hair, and fur from your environment. Of course air purifiers won’t miraculously take away your allergies to your pets but it will pull their dander out of your air and off of surfaces such as your furniture, which helps reduce a lot of discomfort! In many cases, small children are much more sensitive to pet dander than adults, so for families with both pets and kids, an air purifier is a very helpful investment.

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3. You Have Loved Ones with Respiratory Problems
Many respiratory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DIsease (COPD), Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, and more are very unpredictable in that certain allergens can quickly set off an attack and reduce lung function. Air purifiers are a very popular recommendation among doctors whose patients have such diseases. Air purifiers will easily filter out these harmful pollutants leaving your loved ones in a more fresh, clean, and safe environment.

4. Your House May Have A Strange Odor
A lot of people deal with sensitivity to smells which can be super bothersome and even sickening at times. If your home often absorbs odors from your furry friends, sports playing teenagers, dirty diapers, or even a smoking roommate, an air purifier could be exactly what you need in order to live in a fresh and clean smelling environment! Residents of apartment buildings or employees in an office building don’t always have full control over the smells of the environment and drafts coming from other rooms that carry over, so air purifiers are extremely helpful in these cases.

Overall, air purifiers can help you and improve your life in many different ways regardless of who you are or what your living situation is. 

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