Why You Should Integrate Multi Room Video into Your Smart Home

The art of television watching has changed drastically within the last decade. Where we once gathered around with our whole family around one TV screen to watch a scheduled program, and now we can view any channel, nearly any video or movie, from the most popular platforms, in any room! No matter the size of your home or the complexity of your wants and needs, most Smart Home professionals today can help you by creating streamlined solutions for your multi-room video distribution.

What Are Multi- Room Video Systems and What Does Video Over IP Mean?

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At the most basic level, a multi-room video system connects all of the TV displays throughout your home to one universal control system. There is nothing worse than having to go through your one hundred different remote controls just to find which one to lower the volume. With a multi-room video system, you can throw out all of those useless black sticks with hundreds of buttons! You now can control every TV in your home, no matter how far apart they are from each other, from one controller which can be activated on a control panel, smartphone, ipad, and more. Also, if you already have smart home features such as motorized shades and security cameras, you can integrate your video system to your home and be able to control all of these features on the same device!

Throughout our experience, we’ve witnessed a lot of our clients who are beginning the home automation process raise concerns about visible equipment in their homes. This is where video over IP and equipment rack comes into play. Video IP basically means that all of your video sources such as cable boxes, Blu-Rays, or Apple TV boxes, are stored and hidden in a centralized location such as an equipment rack in a closet and all of those signals get distributed to your multiple televisions through a wired connection.

No Need to Pause!

Our favorite part of multi-room video systems is that you can change locations without missing a minute of your favorite show or movie! So let’s say you’re in bed and decide it’s time for a snack but you don’t want to stop watching your show, you can simply stream your show in the kitchen or living room… and voila! You don’t have to miss a minute of the action. A lot of our clients are big sports fans and they are thrilled to find out that you can use one cable box to play the same Bucs game on different TVs throughout your house or you can stream different games at the same time on your different TVs. This saves you cost on cable while creates simplicity throughout the home.

Do More With Your Devices

Integrating both multi-room video and audio systems into your smart home gives you the ability and ease to do so much and get really creative with the vibe of your home. We like to call this “creating scenes” in your smart home. Basically your universal controller allows you to create specific scenes in your home for different moments in your life. So hypothetically, if you’re throwing a New Year's Eve party in your home, you can set up an “entertainment scene.” This can automatically play the annual NYC Ball Drop Special on all of the TVs in your house while this year’s top hits plays on your sound system, and all at the same time your lights and blinds will be on specific settings to perfectly match the mood of your party.

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Integrating a multi-room video system into your home is not an easy process and can be super difficult for a non-experienced person to figure out themselves. Luckily, today there are many professionals who can ease your mind by installing the smart home system of your dreams.

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