Why Lighting Control is the Most Popular Add-On To Home Automation

Smart Lighting is so much more than just pretty switches and dimmable bulbs. Smart Lighting
provides added security, energy efficiency, custom lighting scenes, and the ability to control numerous smart products in your home with just the touch of a button or a voice command.

Through our experience as home automation and smart home business, we’ve noticed that
lighting control is the number one add-on our clients ask for as soon as their original job is

Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It is an Easy Add-On
Once your smart home system’s main brain is installed, you’re able to control every aspect of
your home on just one simple to use application. Lighting switches can be added to this system at any time. For budget reasons, you may want to add Smart Lighting controls to just one room at a time and that is completely fine!

2. It Increases Wifi Signal
An amazing quality of our light switches is that they are powered by Zigbee. Zigbee is a mesh
network device that allows signals to move easily from one device to another. In simpler terms, every single time one of our Zigbee powered light switches is installed, your WiFii signal will strengthen in your home!

3. It Simplifies Life
In our experience, the number 1 reason our clients love adding Smart Lighting to their home automation system’s is because it really does simplify their lives. One of our clients was
explaining how she used to get all sleepy and be in bed until realizing that she left the lights in
the bathroom on, the lights in the downstairs hallway on, her daughter would go to sleep and
leave her closet light on… you guys get the point. “It’s silly” she said, “but being able to just turn off all these lights on an app on my phone from my bed has truly been life changing.”

4. It Creates a “Cool Factor”
Lighting Controls are one of the coolest features you can get in your home because they really
do more than just flip a light switch. Imagine this, you have guests over for a little happy-hour party and you’re all sitting in the living room when you notice the sun is going down and the room looks less vibrant. You sneakily open your home automation app and press on the “entertainment setting” then suddenly the music cranks up a bit, the shades lower to where you want them to be, and a beautiful lighting arrangement emerges. I think it’s safe to say that Smart Lighting will definitely get you some cool points with your friends and family!
All in all, if you’re looking to increase your wifi signal, completely enhance and simplify your daily lifestyle, and want the entire process to be an easy one, smart lighting is the way to go!

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