Why Control4 is Great for Multi-Room Audio and Video Systems

The holiday season is finally here, that means much more of your time will be spent with family and close friends just relaxing, eating, and of course watching tons of movies and sports. So now, is the perfect time to have a smart house system to make your time at home a hundred times more enjoyable and fun. A smart home system can provide you with ease and simplicity when monitoring numerous things in your home such as lighting, motorized shades and blinds, temperature control, and monitoring security all on one device. This device can also include two of our favorite components which is multi-room audio and video systems.

When our clients say they want to have a multi-room audio and/or video system installed in their home, we always recommend a Control4 system. Control4 has so many amazing qualities such as the ability to consolidate all of the core home entertainment equipment in someone’s home into a single space which allows the video and audio to be flawlessly distributed to screens and speakers through streaming.

What is Control4?
Control4 is a lot more than just an entertainment solution, it truly is the foundation of a smart home. Control4 takes all your smart devices and technologies and allows you to access and control them for a single device such as a smartphone, ipad, or wall-mounted tablet. This includes your audio and video system and every other smart home feature you have in your home. The great part is you do not have to install everything at once, you can add new features little by little. So let’s say you really want an audio and video system right now and eventually want to add motorized shades in your home later on, you can totally do that!

How is it Controlled?
The goal is for your smart home to run seamlessly and this happens when the Control4 interface is consistent so that the user experience of the system is very similar regardless of what device you use. For example, if you are very comfortable using Control4 on your ipad, you should feel just as comfortable opening it up on your smartphone and controlling things through there. For people with multi-room audio and video systems, the Control4 remote is a very popular device because it is like a regular smart TV remote but it also give you access to control all of your smart devices such as your lights, alarms, and security cameras. Another cool feature of Control4 is that it supports voice control devices such Alexa and Google Home.

Once you have your Control4 system installed, you’ll learn that there are seemingly endless options of add-ons you can get and things you can do with your system. You now have a huge range of in-house tech equipment to choose from such as a plethora of speaker and TV options. Luckily, the smart home system is capable of working with over 35,000 devices and services such as Nest, Sonos, Yale, Spotify, Pandora, Apple TV and Music, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and many many more.

How Do You Get it Installed?
Control4 is a very complex and special system that should only be installed by professional technicians who know the system well. Once you find a company with well trained technicians in Control4 you’ll learn that this team will not only install your system but also become your on-call support team whenever you may need them.

All and all, control4 is a super high-quality and reliable smart home system that can really help you control and enhance your entertainment system.

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