What factors might slow down my smart home installation?

What are some of the factors that could slow down my smart home installation? We spoke with Jeff Harris, founder of Hive, who told us some factors to be aware of so that your smart home installation can be done as quickly as possible.

Scheduling is a primary factor that can slow down an installation. For example, if we have an appointment time and the client cannot keep that appointment or has to cancel, that can slow it down considerably. If you had to cancel an appointment for today, it doesn’t mean we can just slide you into tomorrow’s schedule. It could potentially mean you would get put at the end of the line as we are booked very heavily and have a very tight schedule. 

We stay in excellent communication with our clients and expect clients to do so as well. We need you to answer your phone, answer your door promptly when we arrive, etc. as these scheduling changes can extend installation time, cost additional money, and call for redeployment of our trucks and materials. Changes to our schedule don’t always work out well for a rapid home installation. 

Additionally, we have the expectation that all family members will be present at the time of the training on how to use your new smart home equipment. We have a tech certificate signing so that the client knows how to use the system. If some of the family members are not present, it might cost additional money to have the tech team come back out to train additional family members on how to use the equipment.

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