Your home has always been your oasis. From the front door painted the perfect shade to the kitchen full of state-of-the-art appliances. Or maybe it’s the converted basement turned man cave and the comfortable cushy couches in your living room. No matter where you find the most comfort in your home, the fact is, your backyard can and should be an extension of the oasis. Here are some emerging home pool and spa trends to inspire your outdoor sanctuary and entertainment area.

Top Trends for Outdoor Home Pools

There was a time when installing a pool meant one of two options: above ground or in ground. Not any more. Here are some of the latest in popular designs for pools:

Make it a backyard “experience”
Resort-style pools with slides, waterfalls, and multiple levels are now an option of your backyard. Recreate the look of your favorite vacation-spot pool and enjoy it any time you want.

Multi-purpose spaces
It used to be common to separate your outdoor areas: outdoor kitchen in one space, a space for badminton in another, and then the pool. The newest trend is to combine your outdoor spaces to make them multi-purpose. Think of the bar in the pool, with a built in gaming area. Unique combinations like this have the benefit of making all of your outdoor activities part of your leisure areas.

Top Trends for Outdoor Home Spas

The biggest trend for backyard spas might be their incorporation with pools. More and more homeowners are choosing to install combination units that provide multiple functions. An at-home spa is meant to be relaxing, but it can also be aesthetically and functionally creative:

Spas that disappear
Some landscape designers have ways of making your spa disappear into your pool. This may feel a little bit like something out of James Bond… But how cool!

Multi-level decks
Incorporating your pool and spa into one large deck area might make your entire backyard feel like planks of wood. Multi-level decks allow for innovative use of space while also keeping these entertaining or leisure areas connected.

Whatever your style, there is an outdoor space to match. Explore more outdoor home pool and spa trends today to find your favorite. Contact the Hive team for information about how to create your smart living space.

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