The Latest Ways to Control Your Smart Home System

Just in case you weren’t aware, we are currently living in a golden age of technology development. Within the last ten to fifteen years we have gone from corded phones, bulky computers, and monstrous televisions requiring multiple cords and remote controls, to tiny little computers that fit into our pockets that are capable of tons of simultaneous communication functions. The world is continuously advancing in our technological capabilities and this includes the development and constant improvement of smart homes.

Smart home automation technology refers to any suite of devices or systems that connect to a common network and can be accessed and controlled through there. When your home technology works together in one system, this is called a “connected home.” This can include your home’s thermostat, smart lighting, blinds and shades, security surveillance system, sound system, multiple televisions and more, all connected together on one easy to use system. Many times when installing smart home systems, people tend to overlook or forget the most important part of a good smart home and that’s having full control over each device. This is where smart home remotes and controls come in.

Smart home systems are awesome for so many reasons but being able to control your system easily from both your home and a remote location is one of the major benefits of having a full automation system. When it comes to remotes and controllers for your systems you have numerous options from simply using your smartphone or ipad to having a remote controller even having a special smart home tablet and each controller has their own special benefits.


One of the most popular choices of controllers among our clients is a universal remote and there are multiple versions of universal remotes but they all have the same purpose; to allow you to easily control your smart home features. Universal remotes, specially the ones used for a Control4 system, look like your typical modern TV remote, but they are not limited to just controlling your TV. Universal remotes allow you to control multiple televisions, both your indoor and outdoor sound systems, any of your security devices such as security cameras and alarms, your lights and blinds, and so much more.

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Touchscreen Panels

Sometimes, you misplace your phone, computer, or even the TV remote, that’s why touch screen panels, specifically wall mounted ones, are an awesome control option! Touch screen panels have all of the same functions as the universal remote, you can control everything from them, and you always know where it is located in your home! Our clients also love touch screen panels because they are extremely user friendly, fun to use and pretty self explanatory!

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IOS and Android Apps

Most smart home systems today, especially the popular ones, are available as applications to download on your smartphone or iPad. This is a great option for those who are often away from their house or people who simply just want to keep track of their homes when they happen to be away. Most people with smart homes tend to have an in-home controller such as a remote or touchscreen panel, and have the app downloaded on their portable device. This way, when you are on vacation or simply out running errands, you can double check your app to make sure your TV was turned off, your thermostat is at the right temperature, there is no suspicious activity taking place on your cameras, and so much more!

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Voice Control

A really fun bonus of having a smart home is that you can control your home without lifting a finger. If you connect your automation system to devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control any specific device, a few devices simultaneously, or your entire smart home with just your voice. For example, if you’re having people over for Christmas dinner and want to have some music and specific lights on but can’t walk over to your remote because you’re in the middle of cooking, you can just use your voice. “Hey Google, play Michael Buble’s 2011 Christmas album and turn the patio lights on,” and Bam! Your home is Christmas-party ready!

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Overall, smart homes are incredible, but they would be truly worthless if there was no simple way to control them. Luckily, there are dozens of amazing smart home controller options available today to make your home as lovely and as easy to use as ever before!

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