The Best Smart Home Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Are you looking to give your loved ones an awesome Smart Home Gift this Holiday season? And you’re not sure what the best products are? Well we’ve got you covered! Whether it's for your mom or for your husband, you can introduce them to Smart Home Products and help them take their home automation to the next level.

Technology, especially Smart Home Technology has expanded tremendously throughout the last five years. This gives homeowners more options than ever before to enhance and control their daily routines. From temperature control to voice assistants to home security, there is nearly nothing smart technology can’t do. Additionally, a lot of us are spending more time at home in 2020 than ever before! This is why smart home devices are truly the perfect gift to give this holiday season. And the best part is, the person receiving the gift doesn’t need to have a brand new home with a brand new automation system, they can just integrate their new products just about anywhere.

Below are our favorite smart home products to give as gifts this season!

1. Google Hub About $50

The Google Hub is a visual interface with a purpose of enhancing and helping you accomplish everyday tasks. It looks like a tablet and is focused on making your life easier, from organizing your schedule, to making grocery lists, monitoring your cameras, dimming the lights, controlling your TV and more; there is very little it can’t do! Also, The Hub works with over 5,000 different smart devices from more than 400 well known brands, allowing you to stay connected to everything that matters.

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2. Google Nest Mini $29

The adorable Google Nest Mini Speaker may be small but it is mighty. The Nest Mini has some awesome features including loud and clear sound capabilities, a powerful base, voice recognition, and more! One of the coolest parts about the Google Nest Mini that many users don’t know is that its attractive fabric cover is made of entirely recycled bottles and comes in a variety of color options! A lot of our clients buy the Google Mini for their kids going away to college, it truly is the perfect gift for someone living in a dorm or an apartment.

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3. Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell $229

The Google Nest Hello Doorbell is awesome because it combines the convenience and familiarity of a typical doorbell with the intelligence and security of a Nest camera. The doorbell allows you to monitor your home’s front entrance and be able to talk to visitors at your front door from literally any location of the world. The way it works is it is connected to your Nest app through wifi. In the Nest app you are able to view a live feed from your doorbell, hear, see and communicate with anyone who approaches the door; and you can review older videos. Also, the app alerts you when packages are delivered because the camera can distinguish between packages and faces.

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4. Google Nest Thermostat $199

The Google Nest Thermostat is one of the most popular Google Home products in 2020 for so many incredible reasons. First off, the Nest Thermostat has a slim-profile, a mirrored face, and very simplified controls. A great feature of it is that you can control it from your smart-phone from any location. Let’s say you and your family just left for a week-long vacation and you forgot to turn your air off in order to save energy and money, you can simply do it from your phone! Also, the thermostat was made to be super user friendly and was designed so owners can install it themselves in less than 30 minutes. Lastly, you can monitor your system easily and get alerts and reminders about your air conditioning system from anywhere at any time!

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If you’re having trouble thinking of great gifts to give to your loved ones this holiday season, we seriously recommend checking out this year’s amazing smart-home products!

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