The best smart home devices for your rental property

Increase security and streamline maintenance by transforming your rental into an awesome smart home.

In most cases, if you’re living in a rental property, you don’t have the luxury of painting your living room, installing a doggy door, or even changing the locks without asking for permission first. Although it may seem like you’re super limited when it comes to making modifications in your apartment or rented out home, there are still many ways to make your place more safe, convenient, and well, homier. When smart home technology first started, it’s main users were wealthy homeowners because they were the one demographic that can afford the little smart home devices available. Today, there is no shortage of the smart home devices on the market and they are for literally anyone who is looking to make their lives in their house, apartment, or even their dorm room, a bit easier. We’ve narrowed down on the best smart home gadgets that come with low-risk installation for renters, but also come with great reward. Because at the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to own your home to make it smart.

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Smart Doorbell

If you’ve read our blogs before, you’re probably aware of how much we love smart video doorbells! It’s because they really are the first basic, easy to use, and multi-purpose security device to get when trying to ensure further safety in your home. One of the best parts of smart doorbells is how easy they are to use, they quickly connect to your smartphone and allow live stream video, saved video and motion sensors which are all accessible from your phone. Also, many video doorbells don’t require you to drill into your walls or door which is great for people renting!

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Smart Locks

If you live in an apartment that doesn’t offer controlled access, investing in smart locks might be the best move for you because it provides both safety and convenience. Smart locks allow you to keep tabs on who goes in and out of your home and you can give your pass codes to trustworthy friends and family. A smart lock fan favorite is being able to roam free from home without having to carry a key. Also, smart locks give you the ability to lock and unlock your doors from a remote location. So lets say your friend is stopping by to drop something off and you’re not home, you can unlock the door for him or her giving her access in.

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Smart Speaker

Probably the most popular smart device you can have is a smart speaker. Do you randomly want to hear one specific song while you're in the shower? Forgot to put your cooking playlist on in the kitchen before getting your hands full of ingredients? Or what if you need to settle a family feud of who won the 1999 Super Bowl? With voice-activated speakers you don’t have to google it or search it manually, you can simply just tell your Alexa or Google Home speaker for whatever it is that you’re looking for! Another great thing about smart speakers is that the majority of them are super portable. So when your lease is up and you’re off to your new place, just pick up the speaker and you’re good to go!

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Smart Plugs

Smart plugs require zero installation, don't discriminate between rental homes and owned homes, and most important of all, they're cheap. Smart plugs work by plugging into existing outlets to control the appliances and devices in your home.

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Smart Bulbs

Another super popular trend we’re seeing right now is people investing in smart lighting, specifically colorful bulbs and LED lights. Smart lighting allows you to bypass flipping switches and instead control lights remotely, put them on a schedule, or trigger them via cameras, sensors, and other smart devices. This ensures that you never have to leave or enter a dark room. While homeowners are able to install smart switches and dimmers, renters cannot because they are permanent. That’s why smart bulbs or LED strip lights are a great option for renters because they can easily be unscrewed and removed when it’s time to move!

There are so many more tips and tricks when it comes to making your apartment or other temporary place a bit smarter. We’ll continue to touch on more smart appliances throughout the week!

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