Smart Lighting Controls Your Home Needs

Don’t you just love and appreciate those homes that are so well put together and have
a seemingly perfect flow and rhythm to their decor? The furniture looks cozy and
inviting, the art on the walls stand out gracefully, and the space feels open and
comfortable. What you probably don’t think about or realize, is that the house also has
correct lighting.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a space with the correct amount of
lighting. Even more important than the look of your lights, is the ability to control them
easily based on your mood and the time of the day. Below, I am going to outline the
best smart lighting controls you need to make your house feel like the home of your

1. Integrate Your Lights and Your Home Security

I think we can all agree that getting home at night, fumbling for your keys in the dark,
and then eventually tripping into your front door is NOT the ideal situation. Now,
imagine walking up to your front door where a keypad illuminates, you enter your
security code and at the moment the door unlocks, specific lights turn on lighting a
pathway for you, even your favorite channel on TV or your favorite music station begins
to play. By integrating lights into your home automation or smart home, you will never
have to fumble in the darkness into your home ever again!

2. Voice Integration

Do you remember those old Clap On Clap Off lights where fancy homeowners would be
sitting in their comfy master bedrooms and simply clap their hands to turn on or off
their lights? Well, we have evolved from those and somehow made it even easier so
that you don’t even have to lift a finger! All you need to control your lights is a voice
control AI device such as Alexa, Google Home, or Apple home!

3. Creating Scenes

From our experience we've learned that people LOVE the use of scenes and lighting
control. A scene is a setting on your device or a voice command that you can have set
to multiple smart home features to cue at the same time. For example, let's say you
and your family do a weekly movie night, you can set your features up so that you can
simply say “hey Alexa put on movie time.” You’ll be met with your motorized shades
going down, your TV turning on, and your smart lights dimming low. You can even get
creative with your light features;one of our clients has her lights flicker on and off for
30 seconds all around her house at 6pm to let everyone know that it is dinner time!

4. Multi Functioning Keypads

There is no reason to purchase a one-function key pad or pay extra for multiple
switches when you can just have one keypad that can do multiple things! When you are
looking to replace your current light switches with a new lighting product, we suggest
that you look for products that can also control other features in your home such as
motorized shades. There are numerous keypads out there today that have multiple
buttons or double tab functions that can maximize the capability or each switch.
We cannot stress enough how important and how awesome lighting control is, it simply
changes your entire experience in your home!

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