Smart Home Products That Will Keep Your Home Safe

Home is where we’re supposed to feel at our most relaxed, always feeling comfortable and knowing that we’re safe and sound. No matter how safe your neighborhood may feel though, extra feelings of safety are always worth having. Fortunately, the home security market is currently booming. With features like window sensors, automatic sirens, HD recordings, infrared detectors, and connectivity to Alexa and Google, home security systems are more advanced than ever before!

Before continuing into our favorite security products, it’s important to note that all smart security products including alarms, cameras, garage door openers, etc; are there to give you more information and control about the safety of your home. The main difference between a traditional security system and a smart one is that with a smart security system you can control all of your products on one device such as a tablet or smartphone.

1. A Video Doorbell

If you don’t want any fancy cameras in the front of your house, a video doorbell is a great option for you! Going downstairs to answer the door for a stranger can be really annoying and also a little bit scary, that is why smart video doorbells have become so popular. With video doorbells, you can see who is outside before answering your door and you can even talk to them through the device if you’re not home or uncomfortable getting the door. Our favorite video doorbells that we recommend to our clients are the Control4 Door Station, Nest Hello Video Doorbell and the Ring Video Doorbell 2. They are all very impressive in their hardwire and feature sets, they offer two-way communication, motion-detection alarms, and features HD video with night vision. However, through our experience we learned that the Control 4 Door Station reigns supreme because of its video quality, user friendliness, and fast connection speed.

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2. Smoke Alarm to Alert Your Phone

One of the down sides of traditional smoke detectors is that when the alarm goes off, you can only hear it if you are in your home. If you are at work, or just outside in your backyard you may not hear your alarm until the serious damage has been done. This is why smart smoke detectors are so important. The minute your alarm sounds, the device will send a push notification to your phone and let you know there is a problem no matter your location. Out of all of the smoke detectors we’ve used, The Nest Protect is by far the most effective and it monitors both smoke and carbon monoxide. A little bonus feature is that it tests itself every month and alerts your phone when the battery is low, so no more random chirping from your detector in the middle of the night!

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3. Smart Outdoor Security Cameras

To further protect your home even further, we suggest installing smart outdoor security cameras. What makes these cameras smart is that they will allow you to monitor what the camera is catching on your smartphone, computer or tablet. If you have a smaller house or only want to monitor one area, we suggest getting one smart camera rather than an entire security surveillance system that is in multiple locations. In this case, the Nest Cam Outdoor is an amazing option because it is extremely high quality and user-friendly! It is important to keep in mind that Nest Cameras work best when you also have the Nest Aware Plan to go with it. The Nest Aware plan allows multiple customization options such as the ability to be alerted when it detects human figures in motion, not just anything in motion. So basically you will be able to prevent any false alerts and create shareable video clips. The Nest Aware Plan starts at just $5 a month.

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4. Video Monitoring to Keep and Eye on Your Little One

Any normal parent is constantly worried or just thinking about their babies. In order to ensure they’re safe and secure at all times, you definitely need to get a high-quality baby monitor. There are many different baby monitors that have very similar features as a smart camera but they are specially designed to alert you about your baby’s movements. Panasonic currently has really great baby monitoring devices on the market. They have video monitors that can range up to 1,500 feet and allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera from a remote location on your smartphone. The device also allows you to set up both motion and sound alerts so you’ll be alerted the minute your baby wakes up! With a smart video monitor in your baby’s room you’ll feel extra confident knowing that your little one is safe and sound.

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If you are not looking to install an entirely new security surveillance system in your home but want to feel a bit safer, these four products are a great start!

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