Smart Home Light Automation Tampa That Promotes Wellness

Not many people know that the quality of light we’re exposed to has a very significant impact on our health and overall mood. As a result of all the time we are spending home this year especially if you are one who is now working from home, it is easy to get into a funk for seemingly no reason. The thing is, the reason you may be feeling down or uninspired has a lot more to do with your current lighting situation than you may think. With the right lighting control system in your home, you will foster a happier and healthier lifestyle while also adding more beauty and convenience to your space. Today we will introduce colorbeam to you and explain how easily it can be integrated into your smart home system.

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Colorbeam is a 25-year old company in the audio-visual low voltage technology industry. Throughout its years, Colorbeam Lighting has been able to deliver revolutionary low voltage lighting systems lighting systems that provide a controllable and immersive lighting experience that promotes health, wellness, and convenience in your home. Colorbeam offers human centric lighting abilities with just the touch of a button, the sound of voice commands, or even automatically through a schedule.

You will be able to utilize a vast array of lighting options to set a scene for a productive day and a relaxing evening through Colorbeam’s selection of RGB and RGBW recessed fixtures, tape lighting, and accent lighting. Many people don’t realize that you can take these awesome lighting tools to your backyard and extend the awesomeness of your home. Outdoor lighting is extremely useful to those with great Florida backyards that love to entertain or simply just have some friends and family over from time to time.

Not only is incorporating smart lighting into your home great for entertaining and convenience purposes, but today more and more medical research continues to prove that our mood, sleep patterns, and overall physical and mental health are linked to the lighting we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Colorbeam has the ability to mimic the sun’s natural light which plays a key role in enhancing your health and wellness at home.

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Integrating Colorbeam with Your Home Automation System

If you are familiar with us at Hive, you have probably heard of Control4 which is the main home automation system we prefer to install over all others. Luckily, Colorbeam is able to integrate with your Control4 system beautifully. Once you have an experienced programmer integrate the two systems, your capabilities will be endless. You can adjust your Colorbeam fixtures with just the press of a button on your smartphone, in-wall panel, universal remote, tablet, or you can simply command your smart speaker such as your Amazon Alexa to do it! Or, you simply “set and forget” about controlling your lighting by simply putting it on a schedule. So let’s say you wake up at 7am and go to sleep at 10pm everyday Monday-Friday, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off accordingly, and stay off during the weekends so you can sleep in! The best way to get started with your smart home lighting project is to simply call a home automation professional and hear your various options.

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