3 Essential Smart Home Hurricane Devices

It’s storm season here in Florida, and that means it’s time to prepare your home for hurricanes. From power outages to potential evacuations, hurricanes need a lot of preparation. At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa, we know the importance of preparing your home for a hurricane. 

Home automation has advanced at great lengths over the recent years, and hurricane devices are no different. Don’t be left in the dark this hurricane season! This article covers three essential smart home hurricane devices to keep you and your home safe, even if you have to leave. 

3 Smart Home Hurricane Devices

Don’t let mother nature catch you unaware. Along with their daily convince, these smart home products can step up in an emergency, and help ease any anxiety you may have over the season. When preparing your home, consider getting these products. 


You may be thinking, “What can a smart thermostat do during a hurricane?” the answer is simple. A lot! Dozens of brands are currently offered on the market for smart thermostats for homes. 

These smart devices are essential to keeping your house cool and your utility bills down. With their ability to learn users’ habits and automatically adjust themselves, your home stays the temperature you need without breaking the bank, even in the hot Florida summer.

But how do these devices help in a hurricane? Many thermostat models can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world. An incredibly handy tool in an evacuation.

You can also set temperature ranges. This prevents your smart thermostat from over-adjusting in case the after-storm humidity lasts too long. This helps to prevent costly damage to your house’s structure, personal belongings, and more when an unexpected storm arrives.

Besides keeping your house at the right temperature during the storm, smart thermostats are also used to track power outages. During Hurricane Irma, the Department of Energy tracked power outages using a database of 1000 internet-connected thermostats. This gave emergency authorities extra visibility into the scope and size of outages. For homeowners, this allows them to see exactly how long their home was without power in the event of a power outage. 

Security Systems

Security systems are a great way to watch your home when you’re away. If you need to leave your home during a hurricane, a security system is sure to keep your space safe and secure.

With motion sensors, glass breaks, and cameras, a security system will grant you peace of mind during a stressful time. Your home security system will link to a central device often your phone or tablet, allowing you to check your home remotely, and alerting you to any bad actors that approach. 

One amazing feature of some hardwired security cameras is that they contain a backup battery for emergencies. This means that even if your power goes out during a crazy Florida storm, you’ll still be able to check in on your home. Alarm sensors and panels also come with a 12-hour backup battery, so no one can take advantage of your absence. 

Smart Home Hub

A smart home system is only as good as its hub. Whether it is a tablet or your smartphone, your connectivity to your smart home system is integral. Do you assume you’re going to be out of town for a few days? Simulate occupancy by remotely turning on your lights or speakers. Did you remember that your shades are on timers? Adjust the scenes from your safe location. 

Often remote monitoring automated systems, like Control4, allow you to check on your home from anywhere in the world. And the peace of mind that comes with being able to see your home through security cameras and monitor performance from afar is of utmost importance. 

While hurricane preparedness includes stocking things like filtered water, non-perishable food, and emergency equipment, you should never be afraid of the safety of your home. With these smart home hurricane devices, you can plan for hurricanes in a more convenient manner.

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