There are a lot of new smart gadgets available these days.

From super computer-like phones to multifunctional toilets, everything seems to be growing smarter.

If you’re want to find the best gadgets to install in your bathroom, look no further. We’ve got enticing options for you to learn about that could make your bathroom truly special.

1. Refrigerated Cabinets

Refrigerated bathroom cabinets might not be the kind of gadget you first think of, but they’re a great addition to bathroom settings.

They’re capable of keeping specific medicines chilled, letting you free up space in your kitchen. They also can keep beverages cold for you, giving you a luxurious pampered feeling.

There’s nothing quite like getting a sip of cool water after a nice hot shower.

2. LED Mirror

These mirrors should be included in any bathroom remodel. You can customize the exact light level you want in your bathroom. You could choose to have something dim and romantic, or something bright and energizing.

Some mirrors can even be used as a screen, showing you daily information. They can display a calendar so you can be reminded of any responsibilities you have for that day.

You won’t need to flip through your phone to see this kind of information. Your mirror can supply you everything you need without ever interrupting your routine.

3. Shower Speaker

If you’ve ever tried to listen to music while in the shower, then you know that it’s almost impossible. You have to leave your music player outside of the shower to keep it from getting wet, which makes the music too muffled to enjoy.

With a shower speaker, you won’t have this problem anymore. You can enjoy all your favorite tunes and belt out your favorite songs with quality sound around you.

And you won’t ever risk ruining your music player in the process.

4. Waterproof Television

All smart gadgets should be waterproof. With these televisions, you’ll never worry about any potential dangers for you or your gadgets.

You get to enjoy your shows as you soak in the tub or take a shower. Or bring it outside to the outdoor hot tub and never spend a moment worried that it will get ruined by any splashing water.

Plus, it’s a great option for keeping kids entertains during bath time.

5. Colored Mood Lights

Colors affect our moods more than most people realize.

With a bathroom filled with changeable colors, you can customize your daily routine. Turn on a yellow light to feel a little more cheerful and energetic, or get romantic with a red light. Bask in the calm relaxation of a blue light.

The options are limitless with these smart gadgets.

These Smart Gadgets Upgrade Any Bathroom Design

If you’re looking to make the best bathroom for your home, install one (or all!) of these gadgets. Not only will they make your home feel extra luxurious, they’re also handy. Everyone can enjoy the comforts they give.

You might have some trouble getting people to leave the bathroom, though.

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