Hive and Josh A.I.: Making Smart Home Integration Smarter

What if you could control everything in your home with your voice? Of course, this isn’t a new concept. Smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home have been on the market for years now. But they aren’t without their many faults. What if everything could be connected to a smart speaker and very natural voice commands can be used to control everything? 

Communicating with your voice is a natural way to communicate; one could say it is part of being human. Using voice commands can also create an emotional connection to the spaces we live in. 

At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa, we’re proud to be an installer of Josh A.I. A smart assistant quickly rising in the market, Josh is fit to handle all your smart home needs. 

What is Josh A.I?

Josh A.I. is a voice-controlled automation system. Josh’s programming language lets you use natural language voice commands. You can use greetings, questions, and instructions.

Josh comes with what is called a core (The Brain). It also comes with two different mics. One is called a Micro. The Micro can be mounted on the wall or set on top of a table or counter. The other is called Nano. It is smaller in size. It only mounts on the wall. There should be a Micro or a Nano in each room of the house. 

You can use Josh via a natural speech command (“Josh, turn on the lights in the kitchen and play Whisky Blues”). Because of the use of natural language, Josh will understand which room you are in by simply detecting your voice through the speaker. No more, “Alexa, turn on the living room lights.” A simple, “turn on the lights” is sufficient for this smart assistant. 

You can use your phone or tablet along with your computer to control Josh by using the app.

Built on more than a decade of research and development, Josh offers the most natural voice control for the home. Yes, voice control is the next frontier, but privacy concerns create distrust in those offerings from Big Tech. That’s why Josh is built on a foundation of privacy and trust. With Josh, you should always feel relaxed, comforted, and safe going about your day. There are numerous privacy settings so Josh can only listen to what you want it to and will keep other content completely private.

Comparing Josh A.I.

While touchscreens and physical interfaces aren’t always intuitive, speaking with your voice, as with Josh Ai, creates a more emotional and fluid way to interact.

From your lights and shades to music, TV, thermostats, and more, Josh makes it incredibly simple to live with your home and all of its smart devices. Josh easily connects to a variety of systems, such as Control4, Lutron, Creston, and Savant. 

One of the smart speaker's key features is its ability to understand natural language. While Alexa and Google Home require specific commands, Josh can understand the same command phrased in a variety of ways. For example, if you call one area your living room and your mother calls it a sitting room. Josh learns both phrases and responds to both. 

Here are some examples of Josh A.I. compared to Alexa and Google Home

Josh A.I. Alexa/Google Home
  1. Doesn’t need a wake command
  2. Expansive integration with multiple smart home systems
  3. Accepts multiple commands at once
  4. Learns and adapt to your habits
  1. Only responds to “Hey Alexa/Ok Google”
  2. Limited integration
  3. Can only respond to requests one at a time
  4. Routines/scenes need to be set in advance

Additional Features

As well as making controls fast and easy, voice control makes a smart home more accessible to everyone. Mobility or other challenges are no obstacle when it comes to Josh’s voice controls, so Josh creates a more accessible environment. 

In addition to its amazing A.I-based technology, Josh has pioneered award-winning hardware, including the world’s smallest, far-field microphone array with Josh Nano. Josh A.I. is also secure and safe. Josh encrypts all messages, uses common protocols like OAuth2 and SSH (secure shell), and actively monitors and notifies you when suspicious activity is detected. No use of client information for marketing or sold to third parties.

Josh A.I. offers a simple, magical and private way to interact with the world. To learn more about Josh A.I. call a knowledgable Hive representative at (813) 575-HIVE or visit Josh A.I.'s website. Contact Hive today for your free consultation and learn how Josh can improve your smart home experience. 

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