Is Your Home Super Bowl Ready?

If you’re a resident of the Tampa Bay Area or just a typical sports-loving American, you know what is coming up, and boy are you excited. It’s Super Bowl season baby! And it’s not just a big football game here in Tampa, it’s the Super Bowl, it’s OUR Super Bowl, and we better be prepared to watch every single second of it.

When it comes to the big game or any digital form of entertainment for that matter, there are many things to keep in mind that will help your entertainment system give you the experience you deserve to enjoy your favorite show, movie, or sports game. When you are looking into buying an entertainment system for your home, you can get easily overwhelmed because there are just so many different options available today. Smart home tech is in full abundance today especially in the entertainment department. We figured there was no better time than right now to break down entertainment systems to just three core areas so you can get everything you need without breaking your bank account.

Hub And Remote Control

If you have a pretty new smart home system, chances are you already have a home hub because otherwise how would you control your home? A hub is basically the device you use to control every single aspect of your home including your TVs, sound systems, lighting, shades, locks, security cameras and more. Hubs also can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some hubs look like an ipad or touch screen and they are either mounted on your wall or are portable. Other hubs are voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and you use your voice to command your Alexa to turn on your TV or turn off your lights. Other people, choose to use a universal remote to control their smart home system, and other people choose all 4 of these options! Point is, hubs are crucial to making your entertainment experience easy and convenient. Just so you can understand how these magical hubs control your home, it is important to note that every smart home product in your home will be synched up to this hub. When it comes to entertainment systems specifically home theater set-ups, we believe that a universal remote is the best option. Universal remotes look and act just like a typical smart remote except they have the ability to control all of your smart home devices, not your TV, i.e why they are considered a hub. With a universal remote you don’t have to get up to make changes on your wall mounted controller nor do you have to use your voice and interrupt what you’re watching to make a change. From fine-tuning your sound preferences to tweaking your lighting for a movie, you will get way more than just basic on/off functionality with a smart home controller.

Mesh and Wifi System

Nearly every single entertainment system that exists in the twenty-first century relies on consistent and reliable WiFi. Unfortunately, if you have a home that’s on the larger side or your home is prone to dead spots, your streaming experience has probably been compromised. The best solution to this annoying issue is updating your traditional router-based wifi system to a mesh wifi system. A mesh network uses multiple devices (typically called points) dotted around rooms to fill gaps in the wireless internet signal. You use one wifi point plugged into your home router through an Ethernet cable. After, each device is placed in a specific distance away from the primary point to communicate successfully. This results in each point filling an area with a stable wifi signal. Once you have something to control your entertainment system with, great wifi signal firing on all cylinders, the obvious next step is getting the right sound system or simple smart speaker.

Smart Sound System

Smart speakers do much more than just play the music from your phone or the audio from the TV show or movie you’re watching, smart speakers are capable of controlling your whole house if you allow them to. If you just invested a ton of money into buying that dream 65 inch Sony flat screen TV with high resolution, and you are not in the position to buy an entire sound system, smart speakers might be the best option for you. There are so many incredible smart speakers on the market today that will help bring your entertainment system to life. SOme of our favorite speakers include the Amazon Echo, Google Nest, Bose Home Speaker, Klipsch’s The Three Speaker with Google Assistant, and so much more. Each of these speakers come with their own amazing benefits that we believe each and every smart home owner should consider. On the other hand, you can bring your entertainment experience to an entirely new level by opting to have a full sound system installed in your home. When it comes to this option, we like to suggest that our clients get in-ceiling speakers. If you’re into interior design or just very particular about what your home looks like, bulky speakers in the middle of your living room are not the way to go. With in-ceiling speakers installed, you will be able to get incredible surround sound without disrupting the beautiful look of your home.

When it comes to smart home entertainment systems you can end up spending the same amount you spent on your dream car and still barely scratch the surface of what else is available to buy. Of all the different areas of smart home technology, entertainment systems are definitely the most fun and will always be. It is never too late to start investing in smart home entertainment because it is consistently growing and improving. Also, at the end of the day entertainment is always going to be a key part of life whether it’s watching The Superbowl or The Bachelor, having the entertainment system that is integrated with your smart home will lift your experience to a whole new level.

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