How to Keep your Smart Home Safe

We are all aware that there are hundreds of benefits of turning your home into a smart one. However, one of the biggest concerns people have with smart homes is worrying whether or not it is safe.

The reality is, smart homes are extremely safe especially compared to regular homes. Smart home systems are equipped with many devices that are all connected to the internet which allows people to remotely control and manage their different appliances. Today’s smart homes are constantly improving in their technological abilities. However, there can always be a threat from hackers. But this by no means is a suggestion to avoid automating your home, rather we will provide you with tips and tricks to assure you that hackers will be no threat to your smart home.

Use Protected Appliances Only

Just like you would with any important product you buy, you want to make sure that the brands you are purchasing your smart devices from are both reliable and trustworthy. While you may be tempted to just go for the cheapest devices, you will be at greater risk of cyber threats, as these products often lack proper protocols. Some things to look out for when buying your smart devices is that they meet the standards of Z-wave, ZigBee, or Security 2. Luckily, most of the popular brands on the market today do satisfy these qualifications.

Only Access Your Smart Home Network from Your Private Wifi

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You need to connect your smart home devices to a network in order for it to work. When doing this, make sure to not connect them to a public WIFI because these systems are much more likely to have a weak signal. You want to connect your devices to a private WIFI that is ideally only used by you and your immediate family who lives with you. Additionally, public WIFI networks also have poor security protocols which gives hackers the opportunity to find their way into your home Network. Unfortunately, there are methods that allow hackers to create a fake public WIFI where they can intercept any transmission that homes in. Additionally, they will be able to see any data you are sending or receiving from your smart home.

Keep Your Phones Secure

It sometimes seems as though our smartphones are our connection to absolutely everything, and our smart home devices are no exception to this. Our phones act as a universal remote in our lives and our home automation needs. As a result, it is extremely important to ensure that your phone is secure not just for your smart home, but for all other information that you need access to. You should definitely be making sure that your phone automatically locks when you are not using it and that you either have a number passcode or facial recognition installed so you can easily unlock it. If you ever lose your phone or get it stolen, you can use apps like “Find My Iphone” to track down its location. Another helpful tip is to change your passwords every few months to further protect your phone.

Proper Password Management

Typically, smart home appliances or devices need to be connected to a network through a WIFI hub or router. As an example, protecting your WIFI network is crucial to protecting your devices and your privacy. A lot of homeowners don’t realize the importance of having a strong WIFI password and many just want to keep it short and simple so they can easily remember it. However, to truly protect your network you want to keep your password to at least 12 characters and make it something very specific and special to you and your family. Also, many people overlook the name of their WIFI network. Rather than naming your network “Smith House” you should name it something more obscure and less obvious.

Before you decide to invest in a smart home and all of its many devices available, it is important to know how these devices operate and how to protect them. The purpose of smart homes is to enhance your lifestyle by providing you with security, convenience, entertainment and more! These steps will help ensure you have a safe and easy experience while building or expanding your smart home.

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