How to Convert Your House Into a Smart Home Paradise

In this day and age, you can control virtually everything in your home with a smart speaker or mobile device; including your air conditioning, thermostats, lights, and even garage doors. The vast multitude of smart home accessories can be difficult to navigate, since some are compatible only with specific products while others have superior functionality. Find your way through the jumble and get familiar with your first-ever voice-controlled smart home with this quick guide.

Give Your Wi-Fi a Needed Upgrade

If you have been with the same service provider for a few years, then you will probably need to upgrade to a new router model before you start incorporating smart devices into your home. Ideally, you will need a separate network for your smart devices, so your smart home devices and regular smart devices (phones, streaming sticks, etc.) do not have to battle for bandwidth.

Plan Where You Will Position Your Router

Your router will only connect to smart devices and appliances within a certain distance, so keeping it in the basement or an attic corner is no longer feasible—smart devices need strong Wi-Fi signals to respond to commands promptly.

Try placing your router in a central location, so its signal covers the entire home. If the signal is still not strong enough, and you have completed the necessary troubleshooting steps, consider purchasing a range extender.

Consider the Power Source for Your Smart Devices

Depending on the smart devices you purchase for your home, you may have to add extra electrical outlets, as many need a permanent source of electricity (as opposed to battery power).

Before spending money on smart locks, or a new smart fridge, have a professional electrician inspect your home. There’s no point in buying smart appliances if you do not have the wiring to support them. You may also want to consider investing in whole-home surge protection to guard your new electronics against surges!

Don’t forget that you will need a space where your central control (an area where all your wires are routed and neatly tucked away) will be. The Hive team can help you determine the best area of your home to set up this space.

Create a Budget and an Installation Plan

Start small, you don’t have to upgrade everything at once. Smart locks, room sensors, and lights are often a great place to start, rather than replacing all of your appliances.

Making a smart home budget and installation plan will help you improve your house without going over budget. Your budget may allow you to upgrade your living room, but you'll need to save some money before you tackle the kitchen. Your home can be improved over time (without spending more money than necessary!) if you follow a plan that takes into account your budget and needs.


A smart home enables you to control as many things as possible, such as lighting, window shades, adjusting the thermostat, and even your security system all from one place. Hive's seamless integration of all of these systems is why we’re the home automation provider Tampa families trust. Contact us today to find out more about Hive's advanced systems and how you can have them installed in your home.

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