According to a 2015 survey, 64% of the millennials surveyed were interested in having smart technology in their homes.

The future of home ownership is with smart technology. Types of technology include items such as wireless speaker systems or controllable light bulbs.

Smart technologies make homes more efficient and convenient, especially when you’re away from it. They also make the home much more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

To learn more about how these technologies can increase your home’s value, read on!

1. Saving Money

It is no secret that homes can be expensive and that saving money monthly is valuable. Investing in smart technologies can save money, especially through appliances.

For example, with smart thermostats, homeowners can change the temperature of their homes at any time. Even when they aren’t in their home. Without air conditioning running the whole day, the fewer energy costs.

Other appliances like water-efficient dishwashers and laundry machines can help to create even more savings.

2. Safety

Have you ever worried about locking your front door? What about remembering to turn your oven off?

Smart technologies provide value by adding a sense of security to the homeowner. A recent survey showed 63% of people cited family safety as their reasons for buying these technologies.

From cameras to door locks, the added value of safety is evident in the smart device market. Other than break-ins, devices are also capable of detecting carbon monoxide, smoke, fire, and moisture.

3. Ease of Use

Smart homes can also help relieve homeowners’ stress and save them time.

Many of these devices are linked to appliances via a smartphone or even through voice-assistance devices. Appliances such as smartphones are widely used and available. Often, they only require an update to sync with the smart devices.

These devices are also easy to use. Many smart technologies operate wirelessly. Also, companies have teams of customer service representatives to help. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to install or operate them!

4. Waste

Another added benefit of smart technologies is the reduction of waste.

Of course, this ties into the value of fewer energy costs. Smart devices such as sprinklers are designed to function in real-time. The sprinklers can detect the weather and create the perfect watering schedule on their own.

Not only will the lawn look healthier, but the saved water can be used elsewhere in the home.

5. Environmental Impact

Smart devices also add value to a home by helping the environment and decreasing the energy footprint.

Shutting off lights when not in use is a large plus, but sometimes they are missed when leaving the home.

Just like automated thermostats, smart lighting devices can help to reduce the impact on the environment. Energy conservation is an important topic. Homeowners can do their part by choosing smart devices.

Smart Technologies and You

The team here at Hive is dedicated to adding value to your home. The ability for homeowners to customize their homes to become better and safer is the biggest benefit with smart devices.

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