How Smart Home Technologies Are Keeping Us Safe

Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's understandable that many of us are continuing to stay home as much as possible. But while we may feel safer in these spaces, the truth is that we're still vulnerable to harm -- without the proper safety and security measures in place, that is. Fortunately, there are a number of smart home technologies Tampa FL homeowners can rely on to improve their overall safety while they remain within their own four walls. Here are just a few reasons to consider smart home upgrades.

Automated Shades and Lights Deter Would-Be Criminals

During any period of economic downturn, crime rates tend to go up. If you're concerned about potential burglaries or other criminal activity, there's something you can do about it. Automated window blinds and curtains, which 2% of newly renovated homes had in 2016, can do more than promote energy efficiency. They can also thwart the plans of criminals when you aren't home. By pre-programming or controlling these blinds remotely, you can give the impression that you're at home even when you aren't. Coupled with smart light controls, you can convince burglars to steer clear if you're away from home for a day or decide to stay elsewhere for a period of time. As a bonus, you'll likely be able to reduce energy costs, saving you money over time.

Smart Home Security Systems Give You More Visibility and Control

Smart blinds and lights are a good start, but there's no substitute for smart home security. There are a number of smart home technologies Tampa FL residents can use to increase security, including cameras, alarms, and locks. Whether you're at home or you're back at work, you can keep tabs on who comes near your property, who's allowed inside, and whether an unauthorized entry has been made. This can ensure both your loved ones and your personal belongings stay protected during an already stressful time.

Smarter Smoke and Fire Detectors Can Minimize Damage and Risk

Your home may already be outfitted with a traditional smoke detector, but there are improved models that can better protect you against different types of fires. Not all detectors will provide the same level of protection against smoldering or flaming fires, but there are smart versions that can detect the presence of either one and send alerts to your phone if, where, and when a fire is detected. There are even models that run self-analyses to determine when battery changes and other maintenance are required. Rather than write yourself a reminder to test the alarm each month (and risk forgetting this task), the alarm will take care of this job itself. That can keep your family much safer in the event of an emergency and provide valuable peace of mind.

Clearly, there are numerous smart home technologies Tampa FL families can trust to make life more convenient and keep their homes secure. For more information on the smart home tech we offer and how we can make your household safer, please contact us today.

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