How The Hive Design Van Works For You!

Talk about designer service! At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa, we know how to bring your smart home to you! We have a specially made design van which we use to bring samples directly to our clients. This way, our clients know exactly what they are getting. 

Builders, designers, and architects also love this feature of our full-service home automation company, as it simplifies the process for them and creates the future project with everyone already agreeing that this is the look and feel they want with the products that will work best in the smart home environment. 

What is the Hive Design Van?

Hive’s design van is a culmination of client convenience and the desire to provide the best home automation service. Our design vans, driven by a knowledgeable design consultant, are full of equipment found in a smart home. This can include blinds, shades, cameras, and many other items that a Hive client can choose from to make the best choices for their home. 

When the design van arrives, the design consultant will invite you to come to take a look at the products that will be in your home. Do you prefer your security cameras black or white? What fabric is looking to order shades in? Come see, touch, and handle samples provided by your design consultant. 

We bring the samples right to their door so they can decide there and then what looks best in their space. Our shades designer, for example, will work with any other professionals who may be working on the design of the home, so a truly aesthetic and workable automated home results. 

How Do I Schedule A Design Van?

Our Design vans are available by appointment to our clients and also for builders, designers, and architects. We always aim to supply the most appropriate and aesthetic design features for our client’s homes.

Whether you contact us through our website, phone, or third parties like Angi's list our sales team will respond quickly and efficiently. Your first contact will be with a salesperson, who will take down important information. This includes your contact information, an overview of your desired product, and your schedule. 

Once everything is written down and sorted, your salesperson will arrange a time that works best for you. Please allow time to walk the proposed site as well as sit down and discuss your technology wants and needs. When your desired system has been discussed, the designer will lead you to the van to discuss details like color, fabrics, and any other necessary information. 

Once the consultation has wrapped, you can expect a proposal within 48 hours. This will contain an estimate for labor and materials. Change your mind on something? No worries! Call your designer and they’ll rework the proposal to fit your new vision. 

Find out how you can take advantage of our Design Van for your project. Call Hive at (813) 575-HIVE or reach out through our contact page for more information. Check out more installations behind-the-scenes on our Youtube Channel.

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