How a Smart Home Can Keep You Safe During a Natural Disaster

Your smart home, valuables, and family are priceless, and so is their safety. In Florida, we’re used to dealing with hurricanes and the potential damage they can bring. Hurricane Ian caused staggering damage and many people had to evacuate their homes.

Smart Home Vs Not Smart Home

The decision to leave your home during a natural disaster can be stressful. One factor that adds to the stress is not knowing the extent of the potential damage to your home. Before a major storm, some common things people do to prep their homes are reinforcing windows, using sandbags, and securing outdoor furniture. Good smart home security can give you peace of mind for everyday safety but did you know that a security system can be beneficial during natural disasters?

Certain smart home products can give owners the ability to monitor their homes while at a safe location. A home security system can help you monitor and assess any damage that may occur during a storm. It could be beneficial to save any photos or recordings taken from security systems to send to insurance companies.

Installing Smart Homes for Disaster

Installing high-quality security cameras at your home can help you monitor your home safely. Check-in during storms, vacations, long weekends, or when the only people home are your teenage children or the pet sitters. By integrating smart devices and home automation systems with the home security cameras Hive customers can do it all from their tablets or smartphone. Want to get started creating your dream home? At Hive we provide everything you need including cellular backup, central security monitoring with the guaranteed lowest pricing, and top-of-the-line GE security equipment.

Worried about your home security facing outages? We want to keep things simple and provide support if your systems experience any of these disruptions. From proactively monitoring and fixing your system remotely to enabling you to reset your own system easily, we have you covered. We offer service plans that give you remote repair, proactive monitoring, 24/7 phone support, and annual on-site health checks and tune-ups.

Hive is the premier provider of Smart automation technologies in the Tampa Bay Area. Hive’s mission is to create high-quality integrated residential and commercial entertainment and security systems, with a focus on simplicity, that results in an enhanced and secured lifestyle for our clients.

Ask us about Hive Care 24/7 Service. You can reach HIVE at 813-547-5598.

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