How A Hive Smart Home System Works

Home automation is no longer a dream of the future. Smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home have made great strides in connecting smart devices like lights and TVs. But what if your home could be more than a few LEDs and a savvy living room? What if you could control your entire house, including your shades, fireplace, thermostat and so much more? 

Here at Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa, we create intricate home automation systems to fit every client’s needs. This article covers everything you need to know about smart home automation and what it means to work with Hive’s top-of-the-line service and equipment.

What is Smart Home?

A smart home is a convenient home setup that automates features within your house or business. Despite the name, this type of service is not exclusive to home. Many people use automation technology to upgrade their workspaces, galleries, and outdoor spaces. 

When someone has smart home technology, it means they have devices that connect via a network over WiFi. Smart devices also connect to a central hub, whether it’s your phone, a remote, or a dedicated smart tablet. 

Imagine walking into your home and telling Alexa that you are home. This simple voice command results in Alexa not only turning on your lights but your favorite playlist and streaming service too. Your shades come down as you settle in for a night of convenience and relaxation. 

But it’s not all fun and games, there’s some practicality to it too. Some automated appliances come with self-learning skills so they can learn the homeowner’s schedules and make adjustments as needed. Smart homes enabled with lighting control allow homeowners to reduce electricity use and enjoy energy-related cost savings. Automated security systems alert the homeowner if any motion is detected in the home when they're away, while others can call the emergency services in case of imminent situations.

How Does a Hive Smart Home System Work?

Hive prioritizes simplicity when it comes to connecting your home. All features can be conveniently located through your central smart home hubs. Want a tablet in the kitchen but a separate one in the living? No problem! Systems are created to fit your needs, allowing for as much connectivity as needed. Control the entire home from the comfort of wherever you are. 

Access your system from your smart home hub (ex. a remote control or tablet) and all your devices will appear. From security to entertainment, every device is easy to find and control. 

Press the system you’d like to control and find the specific device. Lower the lights, raise the shades or turn on the TV upstairs. Everything is easy and convenient. Through the Hive system, you can also set times or pre-set scenes.

If you leave work every day at 5 pm, set your home to light up as soon as you walk through the door at 5:30. Going on vacation? Set those shades to open and close at the same time every day and let your plants soak up the sun without worrying about someone peering into your home.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Hive is here to provide you with the best service in the industry. A plethora of home automation information is on our website, including our blog that details topics like Wireless vs Hardwire, What to Consider When Planning A Home Theater, and more. Your Hive system is customized for you. No matter the size of the home or business, Hive is here to find the smart home solutions that work best for you!

How Do I Get A Hive Smart Home System?

It’s incredibly simple to set up your free consultation. Simply contact Hive by calling or reaching us through our contact page. There, you'll talk to a knowledgeable sales representative who will get you on the right track in your new smart space. 

Whether you contact us through our website, phone, or third parties like Angi's list our sales team will respond quickly and efficiently. Your first contact will be with a salesperson, who will take down important information. This includes your contact information, an overview of your desired product, and your schedule. 

Once everything is written down and sorted, your salesperson will arrange a time that works best for you. Please allow time to walk the proposed site as well as sit down and discuss your technology wants and needs. From there, you’ll be in contact with your designer leading up to the consultation. 

Need more personalized information about your upcoming appointment? Reach out to Hive and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Call us at (813) 575-HIVE or reach out through our contact page for more information. More behind-the-scenes information and installations can be found on our Youtube Channel

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