Hive's Exceptional Customer Service

When hiring someone to come to your home and install pretty much anything, you want a professional installation. You want them to come prepared and leave the area tidy and clean, just as they found it. No one likes to find trash anywhere or have damage to their walls, ceilings, floors, etc. You want your team to be courteous and professional in all their dealings with you. 

This is exactly what you will get from our well-trained, professional Hive technicians. They arrive at the job site ready to work. Our team will have all of the pre-ordered component parts ready to go when they get there. Everything needed for the installation will be in their truck, in boxes, and ready to go.

Our professional Hive technicians consider the homeowner comes first. Our technicians make sure they keep the area clean before, during, and after the installation is done. They wear booties, use rollout mats to protect your floors or carpet and other protective gear as needed.

What Happens When Hive Comes To Your Home?

Firstly, we want to keep you safe in your home and have confidence that you can trust our people. Therefore, all of our Hive technicians have had to pass a background check and all our people are drug tested as well. Additionally, all Hive employees are required attend four or more in-house hours of training each week to keep their skills current so they stay on top of the latest technology. Because of this, we know they can answer any questions you may have and are up to date with the most modern components for your smart home.

Above all, we want you to be worry-free and have peace of mind about who will be coming into your home for your smart home installation. At Hive we know that our customers come first and how important it is to be respectful of your property. All of our technicians respect that you, the customer, come first. 

We're always here to answer any of your questions.
You can reach HIVE at 813-928-1585 or reach out on our contact page

For an example of a Hive professional technician installing some smart home technology, check out the video above. More fascinating behind-the-scenes professional installation jobs can be found at our official Hive Youtube channel

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