What Happens When Smart Home Technicians Arrive

When it comes to any type of installation or repair, tradesmen are expected to enter the home. It can cause anxiety over mess and time for many. But rest assured, Hive's smart home technicians are professional, tidy, and experts in their fields.

Hive, a premier home Automator, values transparency between our team and clients. No matter the system, Hive will treat your project, time, and home with respect and efficiency.

We want you to know how our technicians work including what to expect of them when they arrive for your installation. You care about your home and so do we. From start to finish, let’s break down how our smart home technicians prepare to enter your home. 

When Can I Expect My Technicians To Arrive?

Before Hive starts any project, we always make sure our clients and techs are on the same page. This begins with a Swarm meeting

Swarm meetings are another name for project-kickoff meetings. The purpose of this meeting is to go through, step-by-step, the expectations of the client and their project proposal. This includes the invoice shown on their work order and reviewing the scope of work. Present at the Swarm meeting is the client, the project manager, and sometimes the sales or the lead technician.

The result is a clear expectation on all sides of the project. The meeting also serves as the clear transition from sales to production. You can expect to have an estimate for hours of work and an invoice for labor and materials. 

Once we complete your Swarm meeting and all parts for the system arrive, it's time to finally begin the installation process. A Hive scheduler will reach out to you to confirm the project start date. Every technician will arrive on time at your home. If there is ever any reason why this cannot happen, they will immediately inform the scheduler so they can let you know. 

Our technicians will arrive in a Hive uniform, with shoe covers on and introduce themselves to you or the superintendent on the job. They will be carrying an iPad, a tool bag, and a shipping blanket. The iPad contains the scope of work and any invoice that might be due upon arrival. Our finance department will coordinate this aspect.

What Happens When A Smart Home Technician Arrives?

Before the tech’s arrival, you will receive a readiness checklist. This list will help ensure the technician can get right to work on arrival. Steps include; checking for stable internet, moving/covering furniture, and removing old equipment. We broke down our steps in a another blog you can check out here

Our technicians always introduce themselves before beginning any work. After the introductions, the technician finds a spot that does not interfere with anyone and sets down the shipping blanket on the floor. This is where they will place their tool bag and any other equipment they may have brought for the project. Any time a ladder is used, it is set on a moving blanket.  

Then, our technician will ask you to go over your scope of work with them. Once you and the technician are on the same page, they will start working on your installation. 

Service Trucks

How Long Will My Installation Take?

The estimated length of installation is dependent on a lot of factors. First, technicians must wait until all your equipment arrives. This prevents long gaps between work and ensures everything is connected properly. 

The size of the system is also a common factor. More complex systems, ones that spread across many rooms with different components, will take much longer than simple, single-room systems. Changes to the orders can also delay installation, so it’s best to discuss every component you want during your swarm meeting. 

Your installation can range from a few hours to a few weeks. Talk to your consultant about an estimated schedule. 

Your project manager or job lead will get an update daily from the smart home technician. This way, they can update you on the job’s progress each day we are on site. Our technicians are respectful and goal-oriented, guaranteed to treat every aspect of the project with respect. 

Packing Up

Once work has been completed for the day, the technician collects all their equipment (which should be on the blanket) and cleans up any disorder they may have created while working. Each of our Hive vans has a personal vacuum and any other cleaning supplies that might be needed. 

The smart home technician will return to work on the next scheduled day and follow the same procedures listed above. 

When your home automation is complete, your technician will walk you through using your new system. You’ll learn to operate every product installed in your home, and receive a neat certificate from our Hive Tech School! After final checks, your smart home technician will ask for a review. 

Reviews let us know how efficient our customer service is, and where to improve. Any feedback on our work is greatly appreciated!

With a review in the tech’s hands and a new smart system in yours, you’re officially set to enjoy every aspect of your home automation. 

All Hive employees are expected to act professionally and with courtesy at all times. Check out how our technicians get ready to enter a home in the video below. Behind-the-scenes looks into installations and preparations are available on the Hive Youtube Channel



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