Hive Tackles Some Tough Questions: Hardwired Vs. Wireless Speaker Systems, Which one Wins? How Soon Can I Get it Done? What Is The Warranty? What is the Service After the Warranty?

Here again is the founder of Hive, Jeff Harris, addressing some tough questions in making decisions regarding your smart home: 1) wireless speaker system vs. hardwired; 2) how soon can it be done, 3) what is the warranty and 4) what is the service after the warranty?

Question # 1: Wireless vs. Hardwired

Mainly these issues come up regarding speakers - which is better? There are several types of wireless speakers such as Sonos, Bose, Klipsch, etc. Often these are easier and faster in terms of installation because you wouldn’t have to retrofit any wiring, so for most existing houses, wireless is a very good option.

There are pros and cons with each option. Some of the pros of wireless are
- Fast installation
- Lower cost
- Elimination of Drywall repair

Some of the cons of wireless are
- Puts more pressure on the wi-fi network in the home
- Need to have a strong network to support wireless
- Quality and size of the driver of the speaker is less with smaller more compact speakers

Some of the pros of hardwired sp​​eakers are:
- More robust sound and diversity of speakers that are available: in the wall, in the ceiling, flush mount, surface mount, floor standing, all- weather outdoor, etc.)
- No pressure on your WiFi network
- Have more powerful, larger drivers that can fill a greater space
- Better look and feel when installation is complete (not sitting on a counter or bookshelf)

Cons of Hardwired Systems:
- Have to get a hard wire run to it
- May have to repair drywall/Paint
- More expensive as a whole (amps, speakers, and installation)

Question # 2: How Fast Can I Get It Done?

Overall, we will get it done for you as quickly as possible, depending on how extensive the work is. We do offer something called Hive Express, which is a service requested that can be done within 24 - 48 hours.

These would include, for example, mounting a TV, installing a Ring/Nest doorbell or a NEST thermostat, a Wi-Fi mesh network system, etc. We can have that service provided for you within 48 hours, and it is charged at time and materials.

Larger projects and larger installations can also be done in a timely way, but these will depend on various factors including the phase of the construction, if it is new construction. If it is a retrofit job, meaning that we’re installing in an existing home, the average installation will take 3-4 days, depending on how large the installation is. Generally, we can perform these installations within 3-5 weeks of contract signing.

Question # 3: What Is The Warranty?

There is a 30-day warranty on the labor for any installation. Every one of our products comes with a minimum of a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For example, any of our architectural speakers, which means any speaker that is mounted inside the drywall of the wall or ceiling, all have lifetime warranties on the products themselves. (It doesn’t cover labor or shipping.)

In addition, the reason why we use the Sony ES line of speakers is that line (ES stands for Elevated Standard) gives consumers a three-year warranty on the speakers. Often we recommend that line of speakers due to the 3-year warranty.

In addition, all of our cameras come with a five-year warranty, the NVR or the network video recorder that you use to record anything with the cameras comes with a two-year warranty. Every piece of equipment comes with its own manufacturer’s warranty on the product itself. (Labor and shipping are always on top of the warranty, however.)

Question # 4: What Is The Service Like After The Warranty?

Hive is doing a wonderful job of addressing this issue. We have 4 different levels of service plans for our customers.
First, is a break/fix model which costs our customers zero dollars, and you just call in if something breaks between the hours of 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, and we’ll schedule you as soon as possible; usually within 5-10 days, so we can be out at your house. Then, we just charge you for the service call at our regular rates.

We also have three different prepaid plans: essential, priority, and elite.

These different plans range in the amount of discount you get on the hourly rate and the speed of service with which we respond to your request.

With our elite plan, we will also come out once a year and tune up the system, make sure everything is working and we literally dust any of the cameras and make sure all the lenses on the cameras are clean and they are focused properly, and we’ll go around and make sure every piece of equipment is working properly.

These are the 4 different service plans, limited is the break-fix model – if something breaks, we come and fix it.

The others are a more proactive type of service approach.

We’re here to help answer any questions you have about the home technology process. Call (813) 938-1585 or click anytime.

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