Transforming Timeless Elegance: A Smart Home Update in Beautiful Bayshore, South Tampa

In the enchanting district of Beautiful Bayshore, South Tampa, Hive embarked on a transformative smart home project, breathing new life into a turn-of-the-century historic home. Dive into the client's experience as we elevated her home to 2023 standards, seamlessly blending technology and timeless elegance.

### **Project Overview:**

**Location:** Beautiful Bayshore, South Tampa, FL

**Project Budget:** $10,000

**Client's Needs:** The client's historic home bore the remnants of an early 2000s technology system, in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul. With a busy entrepreneur's lifestyle, she sought a sanctuary where she could unwind effortlessly. The goal was clear: a smart home that not only met the demands of modern living but also retained the charm of a turn-of-the-century home.

### **Client Testimonial: A Glimpse into the Hive Experience**

Before delving into the project details, hear what the client has to say about her Hive experience. [Watch the testimonial video]( to discover how Hive transformed her home into a haven of convenience and entertainment.

### **Smart Home Products Installed: Elevating Every Corner**

1. **Audio Matrix Upgrade:** The technology closet received a significant upgrade with a new Audio Matrix, enhancing the audio distribution throughout the home.

2. **Control 4 Core 1 Hub:** A new Control 4 Core 3 was seamlessly integrated as the central hub for all electronics in the home. This single point of control streamlined the entire system, offering convenience at the touch of a button.

3. **Living Room Entertainment:** A new subwoofer and soundbar were introduced to the living room, transforming movie nights into an immersive cinematic experience. Now, the client could kick up her feet and enjoy her favorite shows without the inconvenience of outdated technology.

4. **Outdoor Entertainment Bliss:** Recognizing the client's love for gardening and grilling, we added outdoor landscape speakers. Now, the client can extend her entertainment experience to the beautiful outdoors, making the most of weekends surrounded by lush greenery.

### **Project Showcase: Details of the Install**

Get a closer look at the intricacies of the installation in this [Instagram Reel]( and [TikTok video]( The videos capture the essence of how Hive seamlessly integrated technology into the client's home, providing a glimpse into the transformation.

### **Conclusion: Where History Meets Innovation**

In the heart of Beautiful Bayshore, South Tampa, Hive has succeeded in creating a harmonious blend of history and innovation. The smart home update not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, providing a haven where she can savor every moment of her home and entertainment system. Explore the future while honoring the past – that's the essence of a Hive smart home. Check out the south tampa Castle

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