Enjoy High-Quality and Easy Control Audio Throughout Your Entire Home

Today there is such a wide variety of speaker products available on the market. From simple bluetooth speakers or high fidelity two-channel, to ultra-high-end multichannel audio for home theaters; the possibilities are endless and each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Installing a multi-room audio system in your home may seem like an easy project. However, crafting the perfect sound system that offers easy control and high-quality sound without disrupting your interior decor with hanging wires or bulky speakers can take a lot of work, especially for the do-it-yourselfer. There are so many awesome possibilities when installing an audio system in your home but we recommend preparing and considering all options, and most importantly, hiring experienced professionals to ensure it is installed properly.

One System, Endless Music

There are many systems that allow numerous creativity and exciting opportunities for your audio system. Our favorite system is Control4 because of its seemingly endless options and benefits. First off, with high-quality control systems such as control4, you can consolidate every single one of your music components such as streaming devices, CD players, satellite receivers, and more onto one simple-to-use product that distributes music from every source onto the speakers in your home. Not only that, but the music can be different in each. So let's say you are having guests over for a nice dinner and want to play some relaxing jazz music but your son and his friends want to listen to rap upstairs, you can both have your preferred music on in different rooms at the same time! With a multi-room audio system you can direct different songs to different speakers- as well as the same song throughout the entire house. It does not matter how far you roam in your home- the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, front porch and even far into your backyard can be accompanied by high-resolution music.

Convenient and Easy Control

With a high-end smart home system such as Control4, you can pick and choose where and what you want to hear from multiple device options such as touch screens, remotes, and even with your voice. There is no longer any need for multiple confusing buttons on dials and buttons on different audio devices throughout your house. Smart home multi-room audio systems are extremely user friendly today, figuring it out takes less than a minute! You can easily view your song and all other audio choices on your tablet, TV screen, tablet, or touch screen and simply select what you want to listen to and in what location, and just like that your system has granted your wishes. More than that, if you have an event or party at your house you can get really creative with playlists and locations of your music.

Invisible Equipment

A huge issue people would face in the past with their sound systems is messy wires, equipment, and bulky speakers sticking out unattractively in their homes. Luckily, today’s high quality multi-room audio systems look better than any other music system you’ve ever had. The only visible hardware throughout your home will be speakers which can be rendered to be nearly invisible. Smart home professionals are able to install your speakers into your ceilings and paint them properly so they match the surrounding surfaces. Additionally, some people choose to build your speakers into your walls so they can’t be seen at all! Now you may wonder, how will the speakers work if there are no wires or equipment? All of the gear that makes the system work is neatly stored and activated on a special rack that can easily be stored in a small closet. With your speakers and gear completely hidden, your home will maintain its clean and uncluttered look!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to multi-room audio systems. This is especially because when you opt in for a professionally set up system you can integrate it with your other smart home systems such as your lights, blinds, and televisions. By synching your audio system to a unified control system such as Control4, music can become a part of settings that will completely alter and enhance the ambience of your home.

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