Elevating Country Club Living: A Seamless Blend of Smart Home Design Aesthetics in Avila Golf and Country Club, Tampa, Florida

In the prestigious enclave of Avila Golf and Country Club, nestled in the heart of Tampa, Florida, a quiet golf getaway turned into a testament to smart home design aesthetics. This exceptional project, nestled within the gated community, combined the tranquility of country club living with the innovation of smart home technology. Dive into the details of this Avila gem, where Hive transformed a second home into a sanctuary of style and seamless automation.

### **Client's Vision: Country Club Serenity with Smart Design Integration**

The client, a top interior designer in Tampa, sought a tranquil escape in the form of a second home at Avila Golf and Country Club. With a gut remodel on the horizon, the outdated Control 4 system begged for an upgrade to match the client's keen eye for design. The vision was clear: a smart home where technology seamlessly blended with the aesthetic, with an emphasis on concealing TVs and other tech elements.

**1. **Location:** Avila Gated Community Golf and Country Club, Tampa, FL

**2. **Project Budget:** $50,000 to $100,000

**3. **Installed Features:**
- Prewire for Shades
- Motorized Shades
- TVs
- Sound System Throughout the Home
- Outdoor Entertainment Space, including TVs and Landscape Speakers around the Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

### **Masterful TV Hiding: A Design Marvel**

Witness the mastery of TV hiding in action – a true marvel of smart design. Transform your regular TV into an art piece with this [seamless transition](https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cxv4akUR0O1/). The video showcases how Hive can convert your TV into an artful masterpiece, perfectly aligned with the surrounding aesthetic.

### **The Centralized Brain: Making Harmony Out of Chaos**

In a world flooded with disparate apps, Hive takes a different approach. Our first step is always to create a cohesive and centralized brain for the smart home, turning it into the universal remote control. Experience the simplicity of control with this [universal remote control in action](https://www.instagram.com/reel/CxHEnG6MwNB/).

### **Testimonial: A Glimpse Into the Hive Experience**

For a firsthand account of the Hive experience, delve into the client's testimonial [here](https://youtu.be/ZaLW2927czY?si=AIIxZpQzezP6ZZhZ). Hear how Hive seamlessly integrated technology and design, creating a haven that surpassed expectations.

### **Conclusion: A Symphony of Elegance and Innovation**

In the heart of Avila Golf and Country Club, Hive has woven a symphony of elegance and innovation. This smart home project epitomizes the harmonious marriage of country club living and cutting-edge technology. From concealed TVs to a centralized control hub, every element speaks to the client's vision of a retreat where design and automation coexist seamlessly. Experience the future of living, where every detail is designed for serenity and sophistication.

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Jose Cardenas- Check out the video testimonial https://youtu.be/ZaLW2927czY?si=AIIxZpQzezP6ZZhZ
Project details: This client bought a second home in Tampa Florida in the Avila Country Club as a quiet golf getaway. The home was a gut remodel and had an outdated Control 4 system that needed to be updated and brought to present time. The client is one of the top Interior designers in Tampa and had the vision of hiding all of the Tv’s and technology so it went seamless with the design and was not visible to the eye. Check out how we masterfully hid this tv. 📺🔜🖼Do you want to convert your regular TV into an ART TV?

Location: Avila Gated community Golf and Country club, Tampa FL

Project budget: $50,000 to $100,000

What we installed: Prewire for shades Motorized shades, Tv’s Sound system throughout the home, Outdoor entertainment space including Tv, Landscape speakers around the outdoor kitchen and pool.


It’s not even impressive nowadays that everything has an app. It has become that we have a different app for everything, and nothing feels cohesive or works together or even communicates with each other.

The first thing I always do with my clients at Hive is to pick the centralized brain, and we start by making it the universal remote control 📲

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