Efficiency and Privacy Redefined: Rechargeable Motorized Shades Illuminate Belleair Country Club Condo

In the sunlit haven of Belleair, FL, where elegance meets innovation, Hive embarked on a transformative motorized shades project within the prestigious Belleair Country Club. Discover how our motorized window treatments, equipped with a sustainable twist, elevated a waterview condo, offering both efficiency and enhanced privacy to our discerning client.

### **Project Overview:**

**Location:** Belleair Country Club, Belleair, FL

**Project Budget:** $10,000 - $15,000

**Client's Needs:** The client's waterview condo, nestled within the gated community of Belleair Country Club, recently underwent a stylish remodel. Bathed in sunlight, the condo faced the challenge of too much light and heat. Another goal was to maintain privacy in the evenings.

### **Motorized Shades: A Blend of Style, Functionality, and Sustainability**

The heart of this transformative project lies in the installation of motorized window treatments, courtesy of Screen Innovations motorized shades easy installation. Combining state-of-the-art technology with elegant design, Hive addressed the dual challenge of sunlight invasion and privacy concerns. What makes these motorized shades exceptional is that they are not only cutting-edge but also environmentally conscious—they are rechargeable!

### **Client Testimonial: A Story of Transformation**

Hear directly from our client about the remarkable journey of turning their waterview condo into a sanctuary of luxury, privacy, and sustainability. [Watch the testimonial video](https://youtu.be/S79Tx8webOg?si=_9BJyQgR2yGVd6me) to gain insights into the impact of Hive's rechargeable motorized shades on their daily living.

### **Smart Living, Waterview Style:**

Discover the unparalleled benefits of rechargeable motorized shades in a waterview condo:

1. **Privacy on Demand:** With a touch of a button, the client can effortlessly adjust the shades, ensuring privacy in the evenings without compromising the breathtaking waterview.

2. **Light Control:** Embrace the beauty of natural light while having the flexibility to control the intensity. Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with customizable light settings.

3. **Energy Efficiency:** Motorized shades from Screen Innovations contribute to energy efficiency by optimizing natural light and reducing the need for artificial lighting. This eco-friendly solution aligns with modern smart living principles.

### **Conclusion: Elevating Smart and Sustainable Living in Belleair**

The Belleair Country Club condo project showcases the transformative power of rechargeable motorized shades, seamlessly integrating technology with the luxurious ambiance of a waterview home. Hive is proud to have delivered a sustainable solution that not only meets but exceeds our client's expectations. Explore the possibilities of smart and eco-friendly living in Belleair, where every detail is designed to enhance comfort, style, and privacy.


Original details.

Project details: Country club condo
Location: Belleair, FL
Project budget: $10,000-$15,000

Clients needs: The client recently remodeled his waterview condo at the gated community of belleair country club. This waterview condo received a lot of sunlight and the client needed more privacy in the evenings. Check out his testimonial to hear the whole story. https://youtu.be/S79Tx8webOg?si=_9BJyQgR2yGVd6me

Smart home products installed: Motorized window treatments.

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