How To Choose the Best Smart Lighting For Your Home

Lighting can make a difference in how a home looks and feels and is a key design element in any space. Choosing the right lights for your walls, floors, and ceilings makes all the difference in how warm your house will feel.

At Hive, a premier home automation company in Tampa, we know the importance of creating a scene with your lighting. Whether it’s custom lighting for a home theater or upgrading your workspace, lighting can be both convenient and stylish. 

In this article, we cover the key factors in choosing your lighting. This includes,

  • Types of Lighting
  • Lighting Control Options
  • Connecting to Your Smart Home

Types of Lighting

What’s your balance between fashion and function? There are a variety of lighting options available, ranging from practical can lights to elegant chandeliers. An attractive automated lighting system includes many types of lighting. 

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting leans towards function over aesthetics. The general lighting found in a room fills the space and can come from many sources. Think about an office. When you walk in, you’ll likely find normal, fluorescent lighting along the ceiling. Ambient lighting may emanate from corner lamps, ceiling lights, or a plain chandelier.

This isn’t to say that ambient lighting can’t be fashionable. In combination with light dimmers, this type of lighting can easily set the mood for the night or event. It’s practical and easy to control. 

Task Lighting

This type of lighting focuses on specific areas or serves a specific purpose. Task lighting can also include a desk lamp you might use for reading or custom home theater lighting. 

Task lighting tends to be brighter, as it focuses on a specific area. This type of lighting works best when it has its own controls versus ambient lighting which connects multiple lights to one source. 

Accent Lighting

Have a piece of art you want to highlight? Consider getting a picture light, which allows you to point a spotlight directly on the piece. Accent lighting is directional lighting that draws attention to a specific area. This can include wall sconces, track lighting, and floodlights.

Decorative Lighting

These types of lighting are also a piece of art. Leaning more towards aesthetics, decorative lighting is not always bright and often acts as a statement piece. This lighting can be chosen based on factors such as direction, size, and color.

The type of decorative lighting includes chandeliers, lanterns, and pendant lights. 

Lighting Control Options

Now that you know the type of lighting, it’s time to decide how to control it. When it comes to smart home automation, there are several ways you can operate your lighting fixtures. 

Remote/App Control

One common way to control your smart lighting is through a specific remote or smartphone app. This allows you to control your lighting without having to get up from your couch.

Want to dim the lights in your home theater? Forgot to turn off the kitchen lights when you left for work? No worries! Open your app and control the lights from anywhere. You can also set timers and levels for your lights, allowing you to create unique scenes for any occasion. 

Voice Control

Remember the novelty of “The Clapper”? Well, now there’s a new and improved way to control your lights without any app at all. When integrated with an AI assistant like Alexa, Google Home, or Josh A.I., your lights can be controlled with a simple voice command. 

Motion Sensors

A helpful option for reducing electricity use, these lights can turn on and off by detecting motion within the room. Forgot to turn off the office lights? No problem. A pre-set timer will monitor for movement, and if nothing is found within that time, the sensor will automatically switch off any connected lights. 

Connectivity to Your Smart Home

For your smart lights to work properly, they must be linked to some type of system. Connecting the lights to a central hub or smartphone makes sure that all networks are connected and easily controlled. A whole home lighting system might require special wiring, ensuring that the electric connections are safe. It is always advisable to consult with a home automation expert before implementing complicated home lighting schemes.

Using the right lighting and placement, you can light up any space without wasting electricity. Create the right mood for your space with custom smart lighting. Schedule your lighting design plan today by calling 813-575-HIVE or reaching us through our contact page. Check out more installations behind-the-scenes on our Youtube Channel

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