What’s the Average Cost of An Audio-Visual System for Your Home?

An audio-visual system for your home can add so much comfort and quite the enhanced viewing experience but at what cost? This is a bit of a loaded question, dependent on your system’s wants and needs. 

At Hive, a premier provider of smart automation technologies in the Tampa Bay Area, we have built hundreds of systems for every budget. No matter the complexity, Hive is here to make your dream smart home come to life.

When planning an audio-visual system for your home, consider the following:

  • Your Budget
  • Equipment Wants and Needs

This article is to help you plan your amazing smart home while also staying within your budget. Let's break down the average cost of an AV system!

Planning Your Smart Home Budget

Before you dive into this project, it’s best to get an estimate of how much it will cost you and what kind of home theater you can get for your budget. You can see how to calculate your costs using Hive’s budget calculator

Whether you're a film buff who wants to recreate the feel of a movie theater in your own home, or an NFL enthusiast installing the best screens and speaker systems in time for football season, building a home entertainment center will give you an elevated home viewing experience. 

The national average cost of a home theater is anywhere from $2,000 to $35,000. This includes the price of your system (sound system, TV, wiring, etc.), seating, lighting, and home theater installation from a qualified professional. 

To learn more about what you should consider for your home theater, check out our previous blog here (link to What To Consider When Planning A Custom Home Theater blog).

Equipment Wants and Needs

One of the most important things about upgrading your entertainment space is envisioning what it will look like at the end. What features are important to you? Do you want your speakers flush with the walls/ceiling, or a soundbar? How big will your screen need to be? Are you creating a home theater or automating the entire house?

Let’s break down audio-visual systems into their basic components. From there, we’ll look at some popular equipment so you have a better understanding of your end product. 

Audio-Visual System Speakers

It’s ideal to know how you want to listen to your audio, and how immersed in the experience you want to be. If you’re deciding on a surround sound system, research the size you want for your space. 

A 5.1 system is the most common for home theaters, meaning there are 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer. You might also consider a 7.1 system, allowing for two extra speakers.

A surround sound system can range anywhere from $200 to upwards of $1000 based on size and installation. In-ceiling speakers can range from $200-$500 per pair. This is based on brand, quality, and system integration. 

A favorite Audio-Visual System speaker brand at Hive is Klipsch, a renowned speaker manufacturer. Their variety of speakers ensures that you have the best quality sound for your money. For example, their standing 5.1 surround sound system starts at $499. 

For in-ceiling options, Hive also recommends upgrading to a Dolby Atmos option for the absolute best sound. This surround sound solution creates an immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of your favorite action flick.


When it comes to the visual aspect of your system, you’ll have a few choices. First and foremost, how many screens will be included in the system? Are you upgrading a home theater or the whole house? How connected will the screens be?

Decide whether you’ll be watching the latest streaming hits on  a movie theater screen or enjoying the football game from a flat screen. As an example, a decent 120” 16:9 screen is typically going to start around $1,800. Alternatively, an 85’’ flat-screen Sony TV averages around $2,500. Measure the wall you want to place the screen on, and talk with your designer about the type that works best for you. 

Planning For Your System

Whatever the ultimate price tag, you’ll be getting something you’ll enjoy for years to come. A huge screen combined with state-of-the-art sound is just what you need to put on the ultimate get-together, whether you’re watching the big game or a movie with friends and family.

Consult your smart home automation experts about what factors are most important to you. Hive offers free design consultations, allowing you to ask a professional any questions lingering in your head. 

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